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June 22, 2010


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Cute story! The little girl is priceless, ornaments not bad, either! ;)


Okay....I am kind of disappointed that you didn't go into the dead bird space, but I'll get over it. The ornaments are lovely and I think I'd really like that funny, formal little girl.


Well, the ornaments certainly ARE beautiful - and it almost sounds like doing business with that delightful little girl might have nearly been worth the effort itself!


Mercy, how cute is that?
Three old musty people and a bright penny of a child...what a word picture you have woven...I love it..
I like your ornaments, too. I would grumble about the price, but you do what you can do.
Better than dealing with dead birds.
Watch for the dead birds, indeed.
I can see you doing that u-turn on the stairs now...lol

Linda @ A La Carte

The ornaments are beautiful! The little girl, priceless!

Jayme L.

What a strange and wonderful story! I think those ornaments were worth the price, just for the experience alone. I'll be thinking about that little salesgirl today as I dig around the thrift stores.

Tamera Wolfe

Gorgeous ornaments!!
There is a antique/junk/collectible "store" just like that one here locally. Stuff is PILED to the ceiling with paths through it. FILTHY!!! The owner loks like a long-haired burnt out hippie. And the prices are ludicrous!!! Went through one time and felt like immersing myself in Purell--now I love a good hunt but the dead mouse and the dead roaches covering the pyrex were a bit much.

Into Vintage

Why do I feel like I just walked in and out of a David Lynch movie?

I'm with you on the ornaments - I've paid more and I've paid less. Who knows what fate might have awaited them if you hadn't brought them home...

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

That little girl sounded rather Stepford Wife-ish! And I quite possibly would have taken a little tumble down those stairs after being told to watch out for the dead birds. I always heed that warning. That movie The Birds gave me nightmares as a child....

Elaine Richardson

Love the ornaments! Always fun to hear what is happening in Oodleville.

Brenda Kula

I don't know how you do it, or if you just have a sense about these things. But you find the GREATEST stuff!


I loved your story..I can see that sweet little girl in a dusty old store...and somehow rising above it all with grace. She will do well in life...and I would also have paid $20.00 for those scrumptious ornaments.
They are quite simply wonderful..


Allright - I have a total picture of these 2 old men. Love it.


Very twilight zonish. I would go through that for christmas ornaments. oh yes I would.

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