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June 10, 2010


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Well, that vintage christmas haul is pretty thrilling and entire contents of a closet?? Waiting right here to hear about it :->

Linda @ A La Carte

Oh wow what wonderful Christmas finds. Can't wait to see the contents of a closet!!!


As always - COMPLETELY FABULOUS stuff!
Please forgive me for shouting, but I can't help it - I LOVE seeing all of your great vintage finds !!


This is just fun for me today! Thanks.

Let me know if those bow ties go on sale someplace.


Oooh, pretty Japan ornaments in the box.
I have to tell you that it is hard to find the cool vintage stuff like you do (at least, what I can afford) but a friend called me over to come see if I wanted some of the stuff she was giving to her church rummage sale. She inherited her grandmother's house and her grandmother was a huge fan of going to garage sales...woo-wee! Among the stuff I got: a basket of vintage hankies (I collect these), a red/white sheer polka dot apron, cute '50s child game, 2 Liddle Kiddle dolls not even played with! I have been coveting Liddle Kiddles for years but the prices are crazy so this was sweet. In fact, most of what was in the boxes she gave me were like delving into my childhood - right down to Partridge family magazine and telephone wire (I used to make rings from this stuff!)...it was like Christmas in June...fun! :)


THE ENTIRE CONTENTS OF THE CLOSET?? [sigh] Oh I wish I could snatch those Noel angels from you, they are adorable. We have quite a short history of decorating for Christmas in New Zealand, so we don't find vintage decorations (paper chains and tinsel don't count) I always check though, and say to myself "Barbara would find treasure in there!!" lol

lauire magpie ethel

Great holiday finds...the boxes of ornaments always make me happy too - especially tucked int the boxes - SO TIDY! Glad the spun head count is rising!

waiting for the contents of the closet to be revealed!


I bought "the entire contents of this kitchen" at an estate sale last summer (for $7.50) so I can't wait to see what was in your closet!

LOVE the Shiny Brites, they made my mouth water....!


I am loving everything from this haul, but I can't stop thinking about "the entire contents of this closet."

I loved playing Canasta as a kid -- My arch rival (Anna Marie McGonigle) and I played almost every afternoon in the summer. I'm going to have to look up the rules again because it really is a great card game.

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