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June 10, 2010


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laurie magpie ethel

Okay I am TOTALLY jealous on this score...I think I will go lock myself in a closet (and wish it was as great as yours).

p.s. I would have loved to have seen you hug door stop man.


Oh, my, how did you contain yourself?? Mr. Oodles will be glad to know there was no PDA at this auction.

The Cowpuncher box is awesome. What can be cuter than those angels looking at their own reflection in the Christmas ornaments? Precious!

Linda @ A La Carte

Well girlfriend you scored on this one! Glad the other dude just wanted the doorstop!!


Well you are on a roll I suggest you buy a lottery ticket! Great closet full of treasures for a song! Congratulations. Hugs, Diane

LiLi M.

Last post I couldn't even comment...you have totally outdone yourself. Where to start! Just bowing for Barbara, the queen in vintage finds with a special degree in Christmas ornaments! Last week I could only watch some one taking the most beautiful German glass ornaments out of a box and another lady taking the rest. Hope to have more luck tomorrow!


Barbara - If you went out and battled the weather & temps Wed. night, as I sat home bundled up in my long jeans, turtle-neck, sweater and blanket with a cup of Hot tea - you deserved to find some GOODIES!!!!


10 smacks for all that - and the wrapping paper! (I'm drooling as I type) How do you manage it B?????? Signed jealous in Michigan


Oh, dear - I feel that envy setting in again.......


I just laughed when you said the card flew out of your hand, I can just picture it! xo, suzy

Jenny S

LUCKY!!!! When we cleaned out my grandparents attic, there were some strands of lights with notes like that...WHY?

Into Vintage

You must have been *dying* when you got your loot home & saw all these goodies including that One Spun Head. I agree - time to head out for a lotto ticket!! -amy


Great score! I went back and read your canasta post. My husband and I are very competive canasta plays. we have made a truce to not play cards with each other for a while. It was getting a little tense. We now play skip-bo.

Beth Leintz

I love a great auction story- and can so relate to being absolutly sure that someone else has there eye on what you want and being so relieved when they say "SOLD" and its yours.


she digs..
she scores...
I love to see all your loot, but wish I lived closer cuz then maybe some of it could be my loot!



Oh so jealous!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

This was a very moving story. I laughed, I cried, I got to play "Where's The Spun Cotton Head"! There was mystery too. What's in the striped box? Is that good old boy going to steal it all out from under her? And a very happy ending, with you getting the contents of the closet! This has got to be your greatest auction booty yet. I love it all, especially that wrapping paper. Congrats!


I am green, really really green with envy!


It's all good...lucky ducky.


Fabulous! I loved your description of that "auction tension" between two people--I have felt that myself, many times. Also the heartbreak of your "secret find" skyrocketing up as a million people bid on it--oh, yes, I've experienced that, too, LOL!


You've made me remember how much I miss going to auctions! They can be so exciting. I keep thinking I'll get to one soon but the only times I've had the chance there weren't any that looked interesting. I'm going to make it a goal to get to one soon!

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