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July 11, 2010


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I buy virtually every church compilation cookbook I find. They always have the best recipes....something about church fundraising seems to bring out the best recipes people have to offer :-)
Nice that yours is local like that.


What a treasure!! Gold, i tell you, GOLD!

I am on the hunt for a couple things similar... there was a Western WA La Leche League cookbook in the 60's that was amazing i've been told. I've seen copies of the pages from family, but i can only imagine what will happen if i ever find a copy i might die! There is a Greek Orthodox church here too that has an amazing cookbook of traditional Greek food, down to making cheeses! Oh, what joy!

Congrats on your find and happy cooking!! Something like a strong cup of decaf and a freshly homemade doughnut sounds like a great snack for the season premiere of Mad Men!!

Into Vintage

I'm grateful you didn't keep us in suspense for too long -- I might have polished off an entire kolacky while waiting for someone to correctly guess what you found.


Some of my favorite cookbooks are ones just like this one. Your next post should be
"What were they thinking" when they created this recipe.


Congradulations on a wonderful find! I am Slovak and those original family recipes are the best!!!

Lavender Dreams

I love these types of cookbooks...makes you feel so good to read them and even try something traditional! Love your pyrex bowls! WOW! I have one blue one that I treasure! ♥

Linda @ A La Carte

I also love church cookbooks and have even had some recipes of my own in one. They are the best and of course one with such history! Of course looking at Pyrex always makes me smile.


I thought your surprise might be in that pile on the hoosier. I also thought it could be a cookbook because I have a cookbook from the town I lived in growing up from the turn of the last century. I love looking at the ads. I really should donate it to the historical society there. I'm glad I didn't guess that and make you faint!

I think I'm going to need one the recipes in that book come December. My husband's aunt was married to a Hungarian and she always had cookies from her MIL that my husband can't get out of his mind. I'm sure there must be something similar in your book! He thinks they are called kiflis.

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

When we went to the Czech Fest in Wisconsin last year, my sister bought a much sought after Czech cookbook. She was asked several times if she would consider selling it, until she finally had to shove it in her purse! You simply haven't lived until you've had a homemade kolacky, or sauerkraut pierogies!


What a wonderful find! Now I am craving kolache!


My Dad was Polish/Catholic. When I married my husband, my father in law just assumed I would be making Polish dishes every night. LOL it was hysterical because back then, I didn't really even know how to cook anything, let alone 'Polish' food! We still laugh about that one. Your post made me think about that : D

Ooooooooh, how I love your set of casserole dishes. Would love to find those sometime!


Congrats on your find! Those church ladies know how to cook! Hope you enjoy the "new" recipes.


Loved the story, for it reminded me of the Slovak church my husband's family attended in Chicago until it closed down in the late 1980's. Being of western European background myself, I endeavored to learn the Slovak prayers and hymns sung at that church, as well as some of the other common phrases heard. It's not an easy language to learn if you didn't grow up with it, but I tried.

I liked the fact that the people had brought their songs and customs over with them, and I also sensed that those from the "Old Country" took real comfort in speaking/singing the language of their mother country. I was very sad when the church closed.

I, too, have a Slovak cookbook - I rarely use it, as many of the recipes are too vague, but as it was a gift from my late MIL, I'd never part with it.

Karla Nathan

My husband's family is Czech, and his grandma made the best pastries and noodles. The rest of her cooking became very farmland/Americanized, but her desserts and rolls were tantalizing.

Debra Ganas

Show us the pictures when you make some of those yummy recipes.
We moved to this town over 3 yrs. ago and joined a local church. They had a legendary cookbook from earlier days but I was told there were no more copies left. I just found a copy earlier this week at an estate sale. OH happy day. Check out my thermometer I found there too on my new Blog.



hyperventilating here.... JUST found your blog (from Vintage Rescue Squad) and I'm of Czech/Slovak/Austrian heritage and I want that cookbook!!! **wink**

All in all, I'm drooling over 99.9% of your photos. Off to read more...


And... (sorry-- hit enter too soon), I blogged about your site, linked it and included a quote from you on it. If this is NOT OK, please LMK and I'll take it off. I couldn't find an email or contact info to ask before-hand. Sorry. :)


I came to your site because Kay blogged about it.
I'm glad I did. :)

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