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July 16, 2010


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Halarious post! Please, in San Diego I am constantly thinking, "Really, did you forget your shirt today?" - - so many men really should always wear a shirt!

Lovely glasses and colorful finds! Thanks for the fun post!

Amy Sumrall

You crack me up! Scrap guy sounds like a real hoot! I love those hankies and the glasses are so worth the wait, I think!


You got some GREAT treasures-even if you didn't have very great "scenery"-LOL! Love the glasses-they are hard to find in Michigan.


You painted a very clear picture of Scrap Guy...*shudder.* I know what you mean about trying to decide whether it's worth hanging around. But I think in this case it was totally worth it!


Great finds! I am looking for a 1952 Calendar handkerchief. Would you have one?


I dont, but I grab those calendar ones any time I see them. Ill keep an eye out!

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Sandy B

Beautiful glasses! I have the same salt and pepper w/ stand in red. It's one of my favorite pieces.

laurie magpie ethel

Loving the swanky swigs...they must surely be worth all that waiting! I have to get the picture of Scrap Guy out of my head...am afraid he may sneak into my dreams tonight, since I often dream about auction/estate sales..he may be in line near me in those darn overalls.

Linda @ A La Carte

Swooning over swanky swigs but ewwww on Scrap Guy and 'no shirt' scary!

Shara @ monkeybox

Oh, we have those bib overall wearing guys too! I've even seen them NOT button up the sides and, Whoa Lordy, that is something that you just do not want to see. *Shudder*.

Your auction visit this week went much beter than mine.

Into Vintage

I wonder what the tipping point was on the day Scrap Guy decided a shirt was no longer necessary (assuming at some point in his life he was a shirt-wearer). Let's hope it's not a trend for him. Mrs. Scrap Guy must be mortified.


I'm in love the salt and pepper salter. Roosters are my thing. The hankies are cute. I'm looked at Hankies here in Franklin, TN antique stores and they are $6.00 to $15.00 each.

Carol M

Too funny. And if I was at the auction I'd probably have been bidding against you. I love the same things you do.


In spite of all those pretties that you picked up I can't this mental image of scrap guy in his overalls out of my brain. ewwwww.

Shelley Germann

Got such a kick out of your auction story! Sounds very similar to what goes on here, the old, unkempt guys with overalls and beards. Now, nothing under the bibs? THAT IS A NEW ONE! HILARIOUS! Even your auctioneer sounds like one of ours. Love those auctioneers with a good sense of humor!

I am drooling over all your swigs! Can't have too may can we?

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