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July 30, 2010


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You finally have your own prickly pear - and lots of other fun stuff!

Lavender Dreams

I think she did swell! You alone were worth the trip...and then she could have a nice meandering ride home! Evenin' to ya, Tex! (Love the bedspread, too)

laurie - magpie ethel

Yehaw! That was a good haul! Glad the vintage Christmas made it home a-okay in the saddlebags! I need to find me a horse and giddy-up to some good finds too!

Linda @ A La Carte

You tell her she did a darn good buyin all that there stuff.


Ooh, boy howdy! That's a Jim dandy bedspread you found there! I'm in love! Nice haul!

Rowena Cross-Najafi

Yes, yes, yes to the buttons and Christmas decorations, but who wants to fall asleep looking at a branding? Yikes.

Helen Lopes

Long time reader of your blog and I love your pics and stories
Today was the best!
I smiled all the way through!
God bless,

Shelley Germann

Love your horsey! I am a sucker for these homemade stuffed animals. I only have a few, like most of my "collections."

Cathi Bruhn

Love the little stuffed horse!

 bar blenders

I enjoy your article. I like your Christmas decorations, stuffs. Thanks for great post.

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