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July 26, 2010


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Not one but two completed Jadeite mixing bowl sets--I'm, well, Jadeite green with envy. I've got a set with 3 pieces, missing the smallest piece I think.


Nice! The only time I have ever come across Jadeite was at an estate sale where they wanted $18 for each coffee mug. So you see, I am "green" with envy. :)

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I love it when we think we've made a colossal mistake, but then we find out it's really ok! You are definitely swimming in bowls over there. Oh, and I have a sugar bowl with no lid. I've looked on Ebay, and there's one that's always on there for $24.95. If I actually used the bowl, I think I'd just let the flies land on my sugar, thank you very much!


Oh, I could look at those bowls for hours!

Linda @ A La Carte

So glad it turned out better then you thought for yourself. I hate it when I spend over $20 for something and then think should I, was it worth it? Yikes...so envious of you and that gorgeous Jadite!!


Great stuff - I know you will find your sugar bowl - and probably sooner than later.
Your post got me to thinking that I just HAVE to get all my Jadite together! I need to move/pack/get-rid-of other stuff to give it the place of prominence it deserves, dang it! Sure do wish I had more shelves for display! And a bigger kitchen would be nice, to keep ALL of my dishes in!


That is why auctions are so hard. Split second decisions. When I was growing up nearly 80% of everything in the house was bought at auction. My dad had a friend. At the time I hated getting "used" stuff. Now I wish so much I could go back there ...

Mary @ Turkey Farm Treasures

To find any jadeite at all for a decent price would be a miracle, because I live so near where it was manufactured, sellers are knowledgeable of its true value. Good for the seller, not so much for the buyer.

Nice serendipitous finds.

Shelley Germann

You are writing EVERYTHING that goes on in my head after an auction. All the uncertainties, second guessing and regret on how much I spent and buying the "wrong" box. After all these years you would think I would be over these feelings. I'm glad it all worked out for you. In my experience, all that worry fades after a few days and you are ready to do it all again!

One Gal's Trash

And I have an extra Jane Ray sugar bowl...let me know if you want me to ship it off to you! Nothing better than re-uniting a couple that were Made For Each Other.
Pam ~ One Gal's Trash


Oh what thrifty karma! And yes, you'll find that sugar bowl. I have faith. :)

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