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July 12, 2010


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I like your store.

I had one of those clear plastic trees - I used it at easter and put gum drops on the ends. It was cute that way until our babysitter ate all the gum drops off!


Once again, I'm loving all of the things "your buyer" has procured!

Lavender Dreams

Your buyer is the smartest shopper ever! LOVE those plastic rattles! My kids had those...many years ago! What good memories! I need to find one for my dollies! CUTE! ♥

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Your buyer has a keen eye for what's in! But tell her that next time she cannot come back unless she has more than one of those stars and stripes umbrellies, so that your store can sell them to certain people who like things with stars and stripes. Thank you.

Shelley Germann

Amazing shop. I bet some of these don't make the sales floor! I got one of those rattles in a box lot, once. It was faded, paint worn off and melted in one spot....SIGH.


You make me laugh..... *This is a make-believe department store.*

laurie magpie ethel

Okay dear...first we have the destruction of 1960s centerpieces and decapitated angels on a past post. Now we have a wax santa left in the sun TWICE! I am beginning to wonder .....

what are you make believe department store hours and do you have any openings for employment...I think it sounds like a great place to work


I am hoping your buyer (or perhaps the store manager) decides to put that apron in the Etsy Shop vs. the Antique Mall -- I personally know someone who desperately needs a pretty snap-front apron.

Freckled Hen

I just read through a dozen or so posts as I have been away for a few weeks. I realized when I was through how animated I was while reading. Much like my youngest was at the aquaruim gift shop recently...bouncing up and down with excessive hand clapping. Chanting "I WANT DAT" like 400 times.
Your words and pictures are the best!
PS You are too hard on your buyer.


LOL I have one of those plastic trees! The clear plastic one, I think it's a 'snack tree' You can put olives, bits of cheese etc. on the branches. Weird right, I'm not kidding! I have a picture to prove it if you want to see. I have put wooden spools on mine in my craft room...


A snack tree - how cool is that? And I loved the story about the wax santa! Wonderful post and made me smile, still smiling!

Sue H.

The plastic tree is absolutely for gum drops. When I was a kid in the 50s we had one of them and we always stuck gum drops on the branches.

Torie Jayne

What great finds, those baubles look so pretty! Have a sweet day!

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