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July 28, 2010


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My childhood topsy turvy doll is half wolf!

You are right though, she doesn't embody any type of stereotype, just sweet.


Oh, the McCoy!!

Your doll(s) are precious!

Linda @ A La Carte

Oh pairs of things! The McCoy is beautiful!! I love the doll and I'm like you and uncomfortable with a lot of those kinds of collectibles, but that doll is a keeper!

Lavender Dreams

What a precious little doll! You found some treasures! ♥

Into Vintage

Somehow I’m in the habit of imagining what the back story might be of things -- maybe that doll came about to celebrate the friendship of two little girls. And then they bought some McCoy pottery for each other.

They sure had good taste.


We used to have a Topsy-Turvy doll. Can't imagine whatever happened to her/them. I'm surprised that we didn't find it in our mother's stuff. Yours is adorable, and that pair of vases...wow!


The dolls are the cutest things. I WANT that typewritter. Wow!

Linda Aylward

I have spent the past several evenings reading your blog & want to tell you how much I've enjoyed it. I too have a love for vintage. Looking forward to reading the remainder of the posts.

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

This is the second typewriter I've seen this week, and it reminds me all over again how much I regret throwing mine out when we got our first computer, way back in the 90s. Darn technology!

Maureen Sydnor

Finally I found you. I found topsy-turvy doll in the dumpster. Is this rare doll? Can you tell me about this? Who made this? What year?

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