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July 14, 2010


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Me too!

I've sewn buttons on that way with my vintage sewing machine, too, and rings for Roman shades.

Now I really want to sew today!


I like everything about it, too! I wish I could sew - it must be so great to be able to make something so special for yourself!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

That's a fab bag! I like the fabric you used, the lining, and that cute button. Yep, I like everything about it too!

Linda @ A La Carte

What's not to like!! Love the fabric and design of the purse and love that button!

Andrea M

Very pretty purse! Don't you just love it when people say, "where did you get that?", and you can say, "I made it!". Very satisfying...


I love the "tulip bag" pattern and it's about the easiest and quickest pattern out there. Very pretty bag! xo, suzy


That is just gorgeous--I love the big red flower and the GINGHAM!


lucky you... my Mom sewed everything she wore. but had to work outside the home ~ so I learned to sew in home-ec (do they even have that any longer?) and the teacher had to have everything perfect and taught me to detest sewing! later, on my own, without my Mom to teach or talk to, I developed a tiny interest and sew a thing or two...

love your bag!!!

Beth Leintz

You MADE your purse- oh Barbara, you are a multi multi multi talented woman!


I have that same pattern and have a couple of different sizes

I love your blog and all the cool things you find. I don't find those kinds of things around here that often.


What a great bag! Great fabric choices too! I am off to check out the pattern, looks tempting ;)


Oh wow, I love everything about it, the fabric and the style are great.

Into Vintage

The wideness at top is key -- I hate groping around for something and ending up with everything else. Love the gingham too but I'm a gingham nut.


Saaawwweeeet B - and so nice you got to spend time with your Mum - enjoy every minute. Jewels


What a great bag, Barbara -- love that pattern and your fabric choices and that button! I have made vintage bark cloth totes for all my sisters, but now I can make them purses as well. Thanks for the idea and the link.

Shelley Germann

Adorable purse! It is incredibly difficult to find a good one, isn't it?

BTW-sewing a button by machine is about the only way I'll do it! My machine is new but I just drop my feed dogs and do a zig zag stitch!

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