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August 27, 2010


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Whew! I am glad things are OK at the Oodles household! I was beginning to worry! Don't you love it when the youngsters turn our words back on us? Priceless!

And, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that farm set!

Mary Ann

The house looks very similar to the farmhouse that my Grandmother used to put in the village under her Christmas tree every year.

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Hey Lady! Glad you're back! Yes, cute things do go a long way towards filling the empty spaces in one's heart. But be careful. Those townsfolk look a little eerie. . . .


Glad you're back, too!
I LOVE your little set of cast iron figures!

LiLi M.

Great to see you too again in blogland. When I was in the States visiting an antique mall I thought of you, I loved the vignettes. And I love this famers' set too, I have never seen anything like it. Have fun playing and relax!


so glad all is ok. I really got worried when you didn't show up for a while and your Etsy shop was gone!
That has to be the cutest village ever.
Glad you are back with us! pam

Mary Ellen

So happy to hear from you again. Re; back to college - it's ironic that the pay-off for raising your child well is that they are emotionally equipped to leave you.


I know whenever I come by here, I'm in for a good laugh. I just love how you inflect you humour into your posts. You bring a sometimes much needed smile to my face, and it is appreciated. Not to mention, I get to see all of your wonderful purchases. This farm family being one of them. I can see me twirling that water bucket round and round! ;)


Honestly, you find the best stuff! I didn't comment on the last post (linens), but they were just wonderful. Will you be keeping your little farm village?



I believe it is a German Putz. They used farm animals and structures in their Nativity scenes.


I wish I could find Finds like this.

Lisa W.

What a wonderful farm set !! It is so great to have you back !!!


Whew! Was worried that you'd gotten trapped in an attic under a box of vintage Christmas ornaments during an estate sale feeding frenzy! So glad all is well and that you're in one piece! You -- and your delightful sense of humor -- have been missed.


Glad you're back! That little farm set is precious, I almost want to feed the chickens and milk the cow (almost...!)

laurie mapgie ethel

I believe that when you averted your eyes from the piles of stuff that the dealers had...that you found a pretty awesome find yourself. It is adorable!
I hope my son says wise things like your son someday. Right now I am giving him a daily hug and telling him "I will miss you when you go away"...he does the eye roll and sometimes hugs me back. I figure I should do it daily as part of my motherly duties...he will miss that hug when he is gone.

Lavender Dreams

What sweet little characters! I know you were happy to find such a treasure! Have a wonderful weekend! ♥


I've missed you! But what a treat your miniatures were to see this morning. I love them! You found something totally wonderful.


I think this is one of the best finds ever -- every figure is completely adorable. Good work, Barbara!

Into Vintage

I can't ever recall seeing a nativity scene that involved lederhosen and an Airedale terrier but that doesn't mean anything. I don't get out much.


These figures are wonderful, and I think I have heard them referred to as part of Putz scenes too, but I'm not sure. It has been awhile since I've seen any. Your collection is a true treasure. So many pieces, and each of them as charming as the next.

Having been through it, I know how hard it can be to see your son back to school. I think we are the lucky ones though, feeling the way that we do.

I'm thinking of you. Take care.



Glad you are back...and I totally agree with your observation on children going back to college. My daughter left on the 18th for her sophomore year and it has been harder than last year...it was nice to have her around this summer.

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