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August 10, 2010


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oh boy! what a find! you are a better woman than i. i would have saved the entire box for myself. maybe i need to watch that Oprah show. :O)

thanks for sharing with us!

Kim Hollar

Wow that is just awesome, I never even knew anything about that and the perforated papers were so interesting and I remember seeing stuff like that going through my grandmothers things but I didn't know what it was, Yes, I saw a thing on the news about hoarding and it scared me to death too.
You have a nice peaceful site.

Linda @ A La Carte

Great find and a great post! Love the look of those old patterns. Some of the french ones will make the girls who love La Francais swoon! I would keep some of the really old one's! Very cool!!

Anna Matthews

What an incredible find!! I don't even embroider, or at least not since I was a little girl, but I hope you'll let us know when these go up on EBay.

Jenny G.

I would have wanted them all, too. I really like the pumpkin one- Halloween stuff is one on my major weaknesses. Another site that is good for transfer info is http://mytransfers.blogspot.com/ -she even has free images to download! I've gotten tons- maybe someday I'll have time to do something with them!


Wow! What a lucky find! So many good ones!


What a swell find B! I'm like you, will find a few patterns here and there - but never a great haul like this! The graphics are really cool...Jewels

laurie magpie ethel

Holy cow that was a good find. I have not seen transfers that date that early...super charming. Wish I was better at embroidery...just not my craft.


That pixie with the mushrooms is KILLING me - so cute!


Oh wow, what a find!! I love embroidery in all forms but those baby transfers may be the cutest ever.


What a fabulous treasure! I think you'll do well selling these on ebay -- you've managed to find some very rare patterns. I would love to bid on these to share with my friends in the Flickr group "Hoop Love Vintage Transfers." I'll be keeping a watch on your ebay items for sale.


Love those terriers!

I strive every day not to be on the next episode of "hoarders"!!

Brenda Kula

I use to love to embroider on crazy quilts. Don't do much of that anymore, due to arthritis after a car accident years ago. But when I see linens with embroidery for sale somewhere, I make a bee-line to it!


I love the children's sailboat outfits. I have a weakness for nautical children's clothing, esp. vintage.

You should try watching Hoarding: Buried Alive on TLC or Hoarders on A & E sometime. Very scary. Always motivates me to clean and purge after watching.


Oh, my favorite one of your transfers is that cottage one! I saw the same Oprah show - and I know what you mean!
I've gotten a little carried away....

Lavender Dreams

How wonderful! So many beautiful designs! I bought thread and a hoop! Now I need to learn to embroidery...all over again! lol Have fun! ♥

Leona B

Oh my gosh! I'm in love with vintage embroidery transfers. I buy all the baby themed ones that I can find. Those hoarders shows are what keep my closets clean. Every time I watch one I have to go clean something!


If I had any money, I'm sure I'd be buried in vintage patterns after buying every one I saw. Since I'm broke, I just download the free ones found online. When my computer dies, I will mourn their loss way more than I will the family pictures I have on here. (Great score, by the way! Your post was included in today's Google Alert for "embroidery.")


my children say I am a hoarder of pets and things- I too get frightened at the hoarder shows - although I think that those people go far beyond what we do, BUT - have you watched CLean House on Style? Now I can relate to that. I live in a very small place and have a small room for my sewing, etc. and this summer I have been buying up vintage christmas bulbs and things to work with this winter and I have to really think about what I buy and what I get rid of, I love all the old things and it's so hard to part with them because I like to look at them, I probably shouldn't go into the dust aspect of things to look at, huh? Anyway, watch Clean House - that can be scary too, but less obsessive.


This is a great post. I want to come back and read it again. I have always loved transfers. Its how I learned to embroider (in the dark ages.)

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