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August 07, 2010


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Mary @ Turkey Farm Treasures

I like old tablecloths.The strawberry one from your last post is stunning. Looks like a Wilendur, my favorite brand.
Can't wait to see what you found.


I heart your blog, I'm sticking around.

Oh, Wilendur, that is the brand of my "new" tablecloth. Can you tell me why it was so expensive? What's the deal with Wilendur?


Good choice to leave the auction. I love everything, but those sconces are especially beautiful -- I assume you're keeping them because they will look so wonderful in your home.

Did you say quilts? I think that would be my area and I can't wait to see what you've found. Could this be the Martha-esque find?

laurie mapgie ethel

Good call on abandoning the auction as it looks like you did well with your plan "B". You know that I will be sticking around....


I think you did just swell B all things considered...Jewels

Lavender Dreams

The cookie cutters are just perfect! I am always looking for those! And the cross stitch is precious! Love your unusual find...the sconces! How interesting! You did good! ♥


Love everything you found, especially the pitcher and cookie cutters. Can't wait to see the tablecloths. Have a great day!

Brenda Kula

You KNOW I love, truly love, old tablecloths and quilts!

Jenny G.

Your tablecloths are really great- nice finds all, once again! I just have to tell you that I love that strawberry pitcher more than anything, though- it is perfect beyond words! I've never seen that one before- is it kind of small? (judging from the cookie cutters)- like 8" or so? I only have one that size & I love it dearly!


oldies and goodies, gotta love the vintage finds


Looks like you found some nice loot! Love the Strawberry Pitcher and Christmas goodies. :)

Tammy Mendoza

Love your pitcher and those sconces are fantastic! I have a shop (The Cottage) in Coal Valley, Illinois and sell a lot out of my RETRO kitchen; all colors 1940-70's. I am going to do the Elkhorn Flea Market for the first time. Do you go to that? I never go to auctions...find better stuff elsewhere!

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