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August 11, 2010


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Lavender Dreams

Crib size chenille...ahhhh! And I love the little lambs on the apron! Great linens! You find the best stuff! ♥


Dibs on the yellow apron if you decide to put it on Etsy! -- love those little deer (lambs?)

There actually aren't many Weishuffs, so I'll be really surprised if you hear from one. Alma M. Weishuff from Ontario (widow of Harold 1914-1980) died in 2003 at age 84, but it's hard to believe she would have gone by the name Loretta. Anyway, I love it that she embroidered her name on her apron.

Linda @ A La Carte

Ah some cute linens. I want to find a chenille baby blanket like that for my 'grandchild hope chest' yes I'm admitting It! I'm starting a hope chest for that grandbaby I will get one of these days!!

Laurie magpie ethel

Cue twilight zone music....I have the same apron as the first photo. Mine is in a different color scheme tho (green and maroon). Did you think Laurie and Loretta are close enough? (forget about that last name) XO


B - OMG - I have an apron made in that exact same deer fabric! Been saving it to cut up and use with other "vintage" materials in some kind of project (just don't know what yet)....small world. Jewels


I'm a sucker for box lot linens at an auction.


Geeze you scored big time! And the stuff looks to be mostly clean and in great condition.


I'm loving both aprons. I'm always amazed at the treasures you find. They must divinely gravitate toward you on your shopping excursions. :)
At first, I thought the second apron print was that of bluebirds. The second photo quickly cleared that up. I'm way overdue for an eye exam ;)


I love the first apron! Such great colors and polka dots.

Into Vintage

I'm curious about why Loretta would have her first and last name, her signature?, embroidered on her apron -- did she wear somewhere other than her own home? Did she lend it out to her apron-less friends? Very mysterious.


You can never have too many linens!! These are all great!
Hugs, Lisa


I love the roosters on the apron, Loretta Weishuff had good taste in aprons. Hope your weekend gets better and if you need more therapy you can come and clean my fridge--there's a squishy cantaloupe in there.


Looks like a very nice lot! This past weekend, I ironed lots of vintage textiles for my Etsy shop. You're right, it really is therapeutic!


I do so love to iron....at least my aprons and vintage linens! :)Laura

One Gal's Trash

I SO hope I dream about baby deer cavorting through fields of flowers tonight. Thought your readers might like to know about a fab vintage button giveaway on my blog.


Just to be a mouse in your pocket! (a girl can dream) I enjoy each and every post. Thanks for sharing.


I totally agree with you about chenille!

I've given you a Versatile Bloggers Award. Not sure you're into that sort of thing and don't think you need to do anything about it. I wanted to use this opportunity to introduce your blog to my readers.

Holly- girls at heart

Ooo! I would love to see the whole chenille spread. I have one with a giraffe on it. ♥


I bought a twin size yellow chenille bed spread at our 'Nice Twice' for 10 dollars. It is in perfect condition.
I never seem to find the great stuff you do tho.


yoo hoo
Did I miss something? I miss your posts and I also don't see an Etsy store anymore.

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