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August 05, 2010


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Into Vintage

Maybe it's just me but those two dogs look like the have huge grins on their faces.

Good idea to lay the foundation for the next generation -- if the day comes when you can't get to the stuff, the stuff will still come to you.

Beth Leintz

Ohhhh dog pictures and ribbons, makes perfect sense- I'd be a collector if I needed to collect something else. Those are way cool.

I hear you on the Masonic stuff- I'll buy if the price is low, but I'm always surprised by what is considered valuable and what isn't. (Look at my closed ebay listings....)

Lavender Dreams

Looks like a great find! Love the photos of the dogs...and those wonderful ribbons! ♥

Brenda Kula

Personally I think dog photos are much more interesting than wedding photos. Maybe I'll start my own collection.


I hope I get a room next to yours at the home!

Those white bulldogs look like the ancestors of the University of Georgia mascot, Uga. Uga VII died last season and no replacement has been named.


Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I've never been a big fan of bulldogs, but those pictures are really quite charming, and that dog on the left has a lovely smile!


Since I don't (and won't) have kids, I just need to keep buying for myself! Or maybe my sister and I will buy packages for each other.... I LOVE the doggie stuff. Save me some, or alert me when it goes on etsy! XOX


What a terrific selection of doggie memorabilia!! Love those awesome bullies!!

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