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August 01, 2010


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Linda @ A La Carte

I am so with you on the 'Luck' part of thrifting. There is luck involved I won't say it isn't but it's also a lot of work, I go back several times, really scan and like you if it's an Estate Sale get there early. It's work with some Luck thrown in. I will so be back here Monday. I am in love with the little pilgrim candles, when I saw them I remember having them when I was a kid. Now of course I want a pair!! Sigh...it never ends.

Lavender Dreams

Oh my! My heart skipped a beat when I saw the pixies! Are you going to put them in your shop? I love them! ♥

laurie magpie ethel

It is a little luck, but alot of perseverance thru alot of junky sales. A ton of junky sales. You did really, really well - but a very long day as well. I didn't know the indians had the feather wicks either (another tidbit to add to my brain, learned in blogland). You sure found stuff in really good condition!


Woweee - Green with envy, here - but also happy for you that your "Time/Hard Work + Luck" combination has paid off handsomely, once again!
Man, your finds are impressive!!

Into Vintage

Were you first in line at the vintage Gurley candle factory sale? So many of them and all so cute - especially the Indians. And I have a soft spot for those little kittens...

12 hours of vintage shopping sounds like fun to me!


Wow! 12 hours of unadulterated thrifting. If that ever happened to me, i'd think i'd died and gone to thrifting heaven. ;O)

At first i was impressed with all the wonderful goodies you found and then i finally reached the photo of indian candles. They have left me speechless. How adorable!


You must be beside yourself, Ms. Lucky! I love those candles, and the fish salt and peppers, and the little musicians, and...

And, Barbara, I think you're being way too sensitive about the wedding invite, it must have been an oversight. Chelsea Sooo deserves those fine towels! I guarantee she won't have a duplicate!

Jenny S

OH MY WORD! I have never even SEEN the indian candles! Wow, send your luck this way! The only thing I found this weekend was an amazing bedroom set for my shop at a great price, but those little things you got are the bread and butter sales I LURV!!! hehehe!


You have been super busy! And can I add that you have had some great finds!!! The pink fire king is AMAZING. The teeny tiny kitty cats would melt Miss Gina's heart! I have to say I am falling behind in blogging because I had to go back to work last week. I have enjoyed my ride as a stay at home momma but this economy finally got our family. I hope to figure out a balance of work, family, and blogging soon :) I truly love looking at all of your hard estate sale work!


Holy Gurley Candles!

Sir Thrift A Lot

I love those pixies! I've got a pair still in their original box! You've inspired me to put the pic up on my blog.

Gina at Vintage Junk in My Trunk

That post had me giggling about Mr. Lazy. Really, what did he expect?We like to say "You Snooze, You Lose."

Those candles are AMAZING! Love the multiples of all of them. And the feather wicks! The kitties are adorable!

Shara @ monkeybox

Love it all, of course. Are the big orange pilgrims new? I've seen old ones turned ornage, but it was from tar and tobacco in the air at smoker's houses. Actual orange ones are cute, tobacco ones are not.

Such wonderful things!

Shelley Germann

Lordy! Look at all those pristine Gurley candles! I can't believe my eyes! The indians are incredible!

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