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August 30, 2010


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Linda @ A La Carte

I love the vintage baby set! How sweet and yes I would not use that baby plate but to display, divine! Love the medicine cabinet it is so very very cool. Lots of good finds and thank you for cleaning the grime off of them first! :)

Lavender Dreams

What sweet little nursery finds! Love all of your treasures! ♥


Oh, how I go gaga over vintage baby items. Wish your selling space was in these parts. ;)
Those blue glass jars are devine, and little Santa warms my heart!
Great finds.

Into Vintage

That's one of the cutest petri dishes I've ever seen. Right down to the gingham cattle.

Looking forward to your mall-case-adventures as I am one of those also currently giving it a whirl. It's been one week now.


Looking forward to the cake recipe. Actually, I'd love to see the menu/recipes for the whole dinner since I'm always looking for good vegetarian recipes.


I'm going gaga over vintage Santas these days. Love yours!


I had a little hairbrush just like that when I was a baby--I can almost feel it in my hands, looking at the picture! I think mine was blue, though. Love the Santa, too, he's a little more svelte than most, isn't he?

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I think it will be a crime if you don't keep that li'l white cabinet. It takes up so little space. What is it, maybe 12"x6"? I can just picture vintage Christmas things, like that Santa, displayed in there. Also maybe some Halloween Gurley candles. Think about it....
Psssst! Can I peak in your trunk?


The baby dish is awful cute, but I bet it is full of lead paint so def. wouldn't use to feed a baby out of. Still a great decorating piece.

laurie magpie ethel

Sounds like you got your groove back! I don't know if I could part with the cabinet...full of vintage Christmas...come on, all tucked in there...screaming green and red holiday?
Glad the report on the antique mall is good - almost empty? You have great stuff so I'm not surprised!

p.s. Big hug. Another year off at college...I'll be in your shoes in three weeks.


It's too bad you aren't keeping the cupboard, 'cause it is perfect for your displays, and I love that big jar too. I have a "thing" for the really old canning jars, especially the blue ones. They remind me so much of country homes I've known.

Gina at Vintage Junk in My Trunk

I think you should keep that sweet little cupboard too! We are enablers!

Holly- girls at heart

Love your baby finds! I just saw one of those warming bowls for the first time a couple weeks ago. I remember the electric ones but that was my first time to see a hot water one!
Like everyone else, I like your little white medicine cabniet! ♥

Amy James

I just found your blog via Shara's blog. Love Love Love!!! Your photos are wonderful. Do you ever sell any of your items on Etsy or other? I fell in love with cupboard.

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