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August 08, 2010


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My Blessed Serendipity Life

I love the clothes line shot. Not too many clotheslines left. I love drying linens on "the line". Pretty tablecloths too.


laurie magpie ethel

You've got the knack with the iron dear...those are some well pressed linens. Digging the perfect tablecloth pattern - well worth the $5!

Beth Leintz

I just love those old 40's & 50's tablecloth- I really like the souvenir ones from states, but you don't see those too much anymore.


You have more patience than I!!!


I love to see freshly washed and ironed linens - just wish the smell would travel through the computer screen!

Linda @ A La Carte

Those colors are beautiful and I love them blowing in the wind on the line. Great buy!

Gina at Vintage Junk in My Trunk

Tablecloths are my favorite -- even imperfect, that last one would be perfect! Great colors.

Into Vintage

$5 for three...

I'm having a little fit right now. Especially because I've never seen the red-clothespin-one before. It is *spectacular.* BTW - because of my vintage tablecloth addiction, I find the whole soaking/cleaning process very satisfying. I need help.


Those are SO beautiful. Reminds me that I have some great vintage tablecloths with stains that need to be treated.
But I'd rather sit here and read your beautiful blog.
Because I LOVE it all.

Lavender Dreams

I love vintage linens...with lots of RED! Your clothesline takes me back in time! ♥

Holly- girls at heart

Lovely shots! Glad they've been imortalized. :) I love to soak old linens and see how dirty the water gets. I know- I'm weird. ;)

Mary @ Turkey Farm Treasures

Beautiful tablecloths. I bet the floral collectors would love to add them to their their stash.
Experiencing some clothesline envy.

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