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September 19, 2010


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I love spaghetti trimmed stuff. I just found another poodle at our local 'nice twice' shop.

Into Vintage

If I *had* to choose a favorite, I think it would be the paint-by-number pooches. Although the spaghetti-enhanced Christmas figures would be a very close second - maybe even too close to call. No, no -- it's the dogs. I stand firm.


I have only seen those PBN dog pictures in magazines, they seem quite elusive. Except in the state of NY apparently. Great finds all around! xo, suzy

My Blessed Serendipity Life

That bike riding bunny is so cute!



Oh, the Santa and the angels!!
And do not EVEN get me started on the knife holder!! Yellow is the ONLY one that has eluded me thus far.
Boy, am i ever envious of your finds!!

LiLi M.

I just discovered that my life is incomplete. I don't have a nut meat chopper (I thought it was hopper, but I googled it). I always use a knife, but this must be more convenient. Great finds! The cigar box, the Easter bunny and of course the nut meat chopper are my favorites.
My daughter laughed very hard on your remark of her secretly knitting behind my back. Do you think she is hiding something?


Nice job! The book illustrations are my favorite!

Linda @ A La Carte

You found some wonderful things this weekend. I am in love with those books!!


That's weird! I just bought that very same book at a shop yesterday! Love, love, love the illustrations -- all in blue and orange-
particularly the ones of the little spotted dog and the big, funny bear!

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