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September 25, 2010


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How exciting. Keep us up to date with your progress. I love the look of the vintage book!

Linda @ A La Carte

I can't wait to see your creations!! You do have all the ingredients! :)

laurie magpie ethel

I expect something amazing from you...


Do tell!

LiLi M.

Ah maybe the hats in that world are the best! I couldn't go to the car boot sale this morning due to rain. So I slept in again and I dreamt that my neighbor found such exciting stuff ( I didn't realize that we were on the sale already). She had a folder filled with vintage Valentine cards for 50 cents. Better than any cards I have ever seen. In your dreams baby!

Secret Pepper Person

Can't wait to see your creations!

Into Vintage

I too have several fantasy careers although it looks like you're further ahead than I am on your career path, having collected the tools of your trade. AND detailed instructions.

Leona B

Never, Never, NEVER would all of this be at an estate sale, garage sale, or thrift store in my area! I am so jealous! Please make something wonderful so I can live vicariously through you....

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