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September 27, 2010


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ooooooooohhh...I just LOVE them too!!!!

LiLi M.

I'm not sure whether it is wise to publish your weakness on the internet. There might be a pinecone elf army on its way...

Secret Pepper Person

I have NEVER seen a pine cone elf. EVER! Where have I been?


How sweet I just luv them.

Lisa W.

Who could blame you !? I have quite a weakness for them myself. I pick them up whenever they are not too expensive .... which in the last couple of years has become more difficult to do. Prices for pinecone elves seem to be going up - esp. if they are in good condition. Good for you for finding these !


Sometimes we just have to break the rules! :)
Nice find!


Well, how could you resist, really? I've never seen a pinecone elf before, where have I been?

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

There was just no way of knowing what would have happened to them if you didn't buy them. They could very well have been thrown away if they didn't sell. I think you just might have saved a few pinecone elf lives!


Those are adorable, of course you could and should.

laurie magpie ethel

those lanterns they are carrying are awesome...glad you gave into the powers of the pinecone elves.


Okay, all of them are adorable except the third pic of elves. Those ones just seem creepy to me. The ones with the lanterns are too stinking cute.


Oh gasp!!! They are wonderful!
Hugs, Lisa


Those are just incredible! LOVE them!


Wouldn't you think I'd have seen pinecone elfs in Georgia? Like, pixies from Dixie? But no! These guys must have all been whisked away while we were asleep at the wheel.


Aww, most of those elves look like the cute little old lady that sits at the same table as my Grandma for dinner at the nursing home!


These are very rare to find, especially in such good condition, in our part of the world, so I would have brought them home too. I can imagine that little scene you've conjured up, in a forest of bottle brush trees. Under a sliver of a moon, with a few stars, scattered about. Of course, there will be snow, and little logs, to rest upon.

Into Vintage

I am so addicted to pinecone elves - no idea why. I have them out year round. Maybe we can go to pinecone rehab together. I'm sure there will be some estate sales on the way.

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