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September 23, 2010


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Your fruit looks so nice and colorful in that jar. Your squirrels are very industrious! We have only one and he is real skinny and scrawny, I gave him a pile of nuts after Thanksgiving last year and he didn't touch them (they were real, not glossy pink fyi) he must be a Texan type squirrel and only want grits with gravy.
Hope your day is as colorful as your fruit.

Into Vintage

This post cuts a little close to home -- some days I'm about as efficient as your squirrels minus any 'bushy & bright-eyed' traits. And "John?" Let's just say he reminds me of a certain someone around dinnertime...


The colors in that jar of fruit make me happy! We have lots of squirrels in our back yard, but I'm not sure where they stash their acorns and other treasures. Probably one of our dead trees way out back is packed full!


AAAAaahhhh...luv this post....your little squirrels are tooooo funny!!!


Wow! All that millinery fruit would make one heckuva new chapeaux for Carmen Miranda!


"all I've been able to put away for the winter is a gallon of millinery fruit"

hahhahahahhaaa...love it.


Arn't squirrels just the dumbest critters - I once had one that thought storing a full slice of burnt toast left out on the leg of an overturned wheelbarrow was just the best "storage" idea in the world (LOL)...Jewels

Lavender Dreams

The berries are so pretty...and the book? OH MY! I love old children's books! They make me feel so good! Enjoy your week! ♥

laurie magpie ethel

Great post...i would take that jar of fruit any day and stockpile it for winter. Those squirrels sound like great entertainment!

Lisa W.

You never cease to amaze me ! That fruit is too wonderful ! And your squirrels .... I have tons of squirrels in my yard ( we love them ) - and 4 black walnut trees .... and I never see them store nuts like that. How interesting ... thanks for posting those pictures !


Yummy. I'm in Ohio right now, and feasted on concord grapes, freshly picked raspberries, and hot house strawberries today, all locally grown. Not to mention the bounty of tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers. I haven't hit an Ohio harvest in some time.


The last line of this post is the funniest thing I've read in MONTHS.

It should become one of those vinyl wall words phrases.

LiLi M.

I love the colors in your jar! In our climate we need these colors in autumn as otherwise it is very gray. Yet the average dutchman thinks gray and beige are the best colors in their house!

I would love to hear more about your fantasy fabric store!
Have a great weekend!

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