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September 20, 2010


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It is really really lovely.


Very pretty quilt!
And I hear you about too short dust ruffles. I like your solution.


I love your pretty tulip applique quilt, and it's so nice it will have a new life.

If you are up for mailing it to me, I would be happy to repair the quilting stitches and apply a replacement binding.

Queen of Fifty Cents

Wow, gorgeous quilt! I have a tulip applique quilt bought at a yard sale that is the focal point of our living room. Who cares if yours has some fades...just leave it out to enjoy and the rest of it can fade to match!


L.O.V.E. it--- the quilt! I'm not sure but I think one of the first antiques I bought was my paternal grandma's cedar chest at her auction.

Beth Leintz

The quilt is beautiful right where it is- I love the layered look.

My first antique- a Homer Laughlin mixing bowl - I think it was the Priscilla floral pattern- it's long gone. I don't think my tastes have changed, but what I buy has changed.

LiLi M.

You don't see antique quilts over here, it is typically American, I guess. But crochet work yes, but more the flowery/lacy kind.
I simply cannot remember what my first antique buy was; it must have been when I was about 12. Maybe an old coffee mill? A flowery sugar bowl? Both no longer in my possession. I never have had a well defined taste, I just like too many things. I don't like the coffee mils and copper that we all (you might be the exception) liked in the 70ties anymore. But I still like the antique toys that I was fond of then, but couldn't afford. With my first self earned money (age 15) I bought an antique mirror and I still have that one and on top of that, I still think that almost every room improves when you have a lovely mirror in it.


Oh, she is a beauty!

I am trying to remember what I bought first. I think it was a set of pinkish cordial glasses. I might still have them. But maybe they didn't make the cut when we moved.

However, I still vividly remember my first tablecloth, my first quilt and my first tub of ornaments! LOL


P.S. I would totally take Martha up on that offer. I can vouch for her absolutely perfect little stitches, you won't find better anywhere!

Sandy Blaxland

Lovely quilt and coverlet. Yes, my first antique were 2 footed goblets in 2 different Nova Scotia glass patterns. I bought them while on a "dirty weekend" (as they say on Monty Python) with my husband in PEI. We used to always drink our wine out of them.


I think my first may have been my Jeanette Jadite coffee canister and two matching shakers. I was in high school - so, no - my taste for THOSE hasn't changed one bit. I still LOVE them. I had to lay them away! If I did buy something else antique before those, I cannot for the life of me remember what.
That tulip quilt is SO pretty! I adore the look of your bed.

Into Vintage

I wish I could remember the first antique I bought but it's all a blur of Roseville pottery and vintage tablecloths. I grew up in a house filled with antiques so of course, I rebelled and was 'modern girl' for a while there. A short while.


What a gorgeous, gorgeous quilt! I'm not sure what my first antique was...probably a small old desk that I refinished and put new knobs on in high school. It still sits in my dining room--it's far from a work of art but it works in the spot as a home for bills, checkbooks, address books, and miscellaneous papers.

Marilyn Podoll

the first antique I bought was one of those letter holders. It has 3 compartments that say "Bills,Letters,Misc. I still have it. After I got married, we were saving up for a Color TV. (Now you know how old I am :))
We went to an antique store in Seattle and I saw a hall stand that I wanted. We used our color tv money to buy it.

Brenda Kula

No, guess I don't remember the first antique I bought. Been awhile! I love that quilt!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I think this might be the prettiest quilt I've ever seen! My first antique purchases were a little table and a milk can from a Chicago dairy. That was back in the late 70s or early 80s. I remember using the milk can as extra seating in my bedroom. My Mom was very much into antiques, so I guess I come by it naturally. The little table is in our bedroom, and the milk can is in the garden!


Oh this is so pretty. I love it, and your bed looks so cozy. I really like what you've done with your bed skirt. What a clever idea.

My first old thing was Staffordshire plate, that I still have, but I don't think that I've ever shown on my blog. I'll try to remember to do that soon, so you can see it. The second, was the cobalt blue kerosene lamp that you've probably seen a few times. It is one of my favorite things. My taste hasn't really changed much when it comes to my very favorite things. Quilts are still something that I treasure. I'm glad we share that appreciation.

Thanks Barbara, for being such a great, and understanding blog friend. I appreciate it.


Lavender Dreams

What a gorgeous quilt! It reminds me of one my grandmother made...years ago! I don't remember my first antique...I am one, you know! heehee! But I have 'quilt' on my wish list right now! I love the way they make you feel! ♥


Hi! Do you know where you got the quilt or where you can find the pattern? My mom has this exact same coverlet with the animals on it only it is unfinished. She got it from her aunt, but it did not come with a pattern and she wants to finish it. Any ideas on where to get a pattern or could you send us pictures of each block of the quilt so we could figure it out? Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Hall teapot! You knew its worth... My mom had a green one in her cabinet for years-never was curious about it, but liked the jade color. When she passed, my dad said I could have it, and that's when I researched the background on the Hall teapot company. My first antique was purchased at a "White Elephant" sale at my school in 4th grade. It was a small, white (I think now, it was chalk ware) vase with a pink raised silhouette of a Colonial lady wearing a large hoop skirt on it. That was in my room until I was a teen. Now I wish I had it!

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