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September 16, 2010


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Sandy Blaxland

I loved this stuff when I was young as well as Lincoln Logs.



Lisa W.

Jolly good post !


I say, old girl, hadn't seen the vulcanized version before. Here in the Heartland, we grew up with toy WOODEN bricks. Several years ago, while living in Florida, I was besotted to find a small set at a flea market and have made several cottage-type buildings. Great old toys and jolly good fun.

Well, cheerio!


My son would go gaga over those. Lego's, blocks, dominoes...if you can use it to build, he is all over it! Nice house building abilities you have! ;)
Have a wonderful weekend.

Mrs. Cozy Home

Those are fantastic -- and the little house you made was very well constructed!!


i can't imagine that too many of those sets survived the war over here in England as anything and everything that could be given to the war effort was given up, down to tin toys and iron fencing.

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