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September 28, 2010


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Gee, thanks for sharing. Now you're not the only one in trouble. :)

Boy do i really need a paying job...to purchase the cute fabric like the cowboys and the London scene.

Oh man! Good luck with psyching up your willpower!

Mrs. Cozy Home

OMG!! I have the same thing posted on my blog -- hugely exciting news!

But oh the prices look much more manageable in pounds, don't they?!



I'm just dotty for the dotty stuff. All of it.




I was excited too until I realized how limited the stock was ;(

But I will end up ordering something!


Good golly, $34 for a meter of oilcloth. It's clear I could never afford anything there!

(I hate to use the quilt meter all the time, but that would buy me a nice antique quilt!)

Lavender Dreams

How exciting! I may mention this in my next post, too! Spreading the word! Thanks! ♥

Lavender Dreams

I did it...I posted it on my blog and gave a link to your blog, too! Thanks! ♥


Oh wow! That's great! Too bad I can't afford any of it! haha! I can sure afford to drool over the website, though. Did you see the cute clothes???


Oh YES!! I am so excited!!!

Leona B

I HAVE to have some of that London scene fabric. Now how to justify a Cath Kidson charge on the credit card.....


Oh boy...I should stay away. I don't come here for temptation...just vintage eye candy and witty repartee (2 e's, right?)

laurie magpie ethel

thanks for that tidbit of info..already been there and browsed!


I already spent $100 bucks there, which you can with the blink of an eye. Gotta love it.

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