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October 31, 2010


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LiLi M.

I think you should have taken a flip camera with you, a hidden one. I cannot wait to see vimeo's on your blog!

Mary Ann

Oh, this makes me laugh.


OH ~ You MUST have been on the WEST side of MY town!! TOO Funny!

Linda @ A La Carte

This cracks me up. I've been so a few sales where no one knows anything about any of it and it's hard to get a price. Geesh...still you did well and I love the lanterns!


Now, who did you say died?


Oh God...thank you for the chuckles! I may reread this again and again.

Brenda Kula

I sure got a good laugh out of this. Who died now? Oh yeah, Joe Smith. I promise I won't ask you again. I hope 911 didn't have to be called over the ruckus.


How bizarre! Sounds like an Abbott & Costello routine. LOL.


Joe Smith is probably spinnin in his grave (LOL) J


That was awesome. :-)


Oh my gosh how funny, don't you just love estate sales?

laurie magpie ethel

I go to estate sales for three reasons. #1 to find good junk. #2 is to socialize with the regulars #3 for the entertainment value of other customers...I have see all kinds of oddballs!

Gina at Vintage Junk in My Trunk

What a funny story! Love it all, esp the feisty little old Italian lady whom I aspire to be one day. Glad you didn't listen to Mikey and found some Christmas treasures!

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