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October 16, 2010


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I hope you are feeling back to normal soon.

That is really odd about the finger print!!! LOL. Your bowl may not be perfect, but you certainly have a one of a kind bowl!!!



That's right, Nancy Drew! I know you'll find him!


Sorry you were under the weather - I often "find" things once I bring my deals home no matter how often I remind myself to check - and I never learn - you go girl and find Mr. Thumbprint (assuming it is LOL). Cheers

My Blessed Serendipity Life

Weird - I have never seen a permanent fingerprint on pyrex before. Hope you are feeling better soon!


Jenny Sellars

You might contact pyrex...maybe it is a missing million dollar bowl and you really hit the jackpot!!

Into Vintage

That fingerprint is very odd indeed. Manufacturing flaw? A fingertip full of paint remover?

If it's any help at all, I've brought home many stains & chips (alas, no fingerprinted pyrex) and I have no excuse other than I may have been a bit overexcited about my scores to thoroughly check them out...oops. :-)

laurie - magpie ethel

Only you can mix a CSI case in with that Pyrex bowl...send it to forensics I guess. Glad you are feeling a bit better and that your daughter is blessed with a personlity that is partially sunshine...I think she gets that from you.


I so love your writing! XOX

LiLi M.

Priceless story!


I've had those "couldn't keep your big mouth shut moments" They are no fun! Hope you are feeling better.


That's the most peculiar thing I've ever seen! You need a CSI team to help you get to the bottom of the Printed Pyrex Problem!

Sorry you've been having a rough time lately; here's hoping this week will be a much better one!

Gina at Vintage Junk in My Trunk

Sorry you are feeling so bad, but you made me laugh -- more than once!


I hope you are feeling better. I'm sorry about The Stressful Situation. I'm also sorry about The Fingerprint Bowl. Hopefully you are sleeping better, as sleepless nights are the pits.

acorn hollow

Glad your feeling better and I am sure CSI could help.

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I'm glad I'm not the only one who could really use a muzzle sometimes! It's amazing to me, where I'll stick my nose, where it has no business being. I'm also glad you're feeling feisty enough to go after that culprit. He deserves to be chased to the ends of the earth!


I'm so sorry you have been so under the weather, of late. Speedy return to your normal fiesty self...and I hope those sleepness nights go away for ever. I hate those!

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