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October 28, 2010


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Thanks, Barbara! I was just in the mood for a little Christmas! I've been craving Peppermint Jo-jos for 2 days!!

Those canisters ought to fly off the shelf!


Well, I'm listening to Christmas music right now, so you can tell I was totally in the mood for some Santa love! What a great assortment of stuff!

laurie magpie ethel

I just pulled my stash of Christmas ornaments from the attic so you and I are on the same Christmas page. Your booth is going to look ADORABLE...love the LuRay dishes in the red dishholder, tis a very snappy combo!

Linda @ A La Carte

Love your Christmas items. It is time for me to think about Christmas and my Etsy shop!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I'm still here! You can't scare me off that easily. In fact, as much as I love Halloween, I'm over it and so ready to move on to Christmas. Just give me my stuffing and pumpkin pie right now and I can skip over Thanksgiving too! Very smart of you to start putting Christmas stuff in your booth, because buyers like me are already looking for it!

Into Vintage

Funny - yesterday I spent all day photographing a small mountain of vintage Christmas stuff -- just like a crazy vintage Christmas person. Nice to know other C.V.C.P. across the country are doing the same.

The jars of little silver balls for baking bring back some odd childhood memories - I was never sure if I should eat those or not. Still not sure.


B - would love to get the Holt Candleholders for Sis this year to add to her crazy collection - would that be possible? Thx Jewels

Brenda Kula

I'm ready to see the Christmas stuff now! Yep, I'm raring to go.


indeed ... I will set them aside for you. a check is fine, you know you dont have to ask. do you have my address memorized????

thanks, jewels! B.

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Thanks goodness Halloween time is almost over so we can get serious about Christmas crap!

xo, suzy

Sandy B

Love the early Xmas peek. I've been thinking Xmas for the past week -- just little hints of the season that come to mind now and then. Your Santa plates are so cute.


Great xmas stuff!

Gina at Vintage Junk in My Trunk

Isn't Christmas this Sunday? That's what I feel like with all my Etsy Christmas wares. This is going to be one long holiday season. LOVE those green dishes with all the red. Your booth is going to look great!

Lavender Dreams

I get excited when I see boxes of Shiny Brites! Love all of your special finds! I love to find vintage Christmas ANY time of the year! ♥

Valerie Buonaguro

Hi, Love your blog.The estate sale story was very funny I've been to sales like that, now I only go to ones run by pros them seem to know what they are doing but a bit pricey sometimes.Any chance you will put the LuRay in your etsy shop? I would like to purchase but do not live near your shop. Thanks, Valerie

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