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October 13, 2010


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Score! Now what is the destiny of this fabric? As the sales begin to wane for the season, I'm looking forward to what you'll be whipping up with all your finds!


Umm okay...vintage fabric and Madmen chat stew? Let it be understood I really enjoyed the fabric photos but even a casual mention of Don Draper kind of trumps anything else.
After last season ended much too fast for me I decided to wait for season four to come out on dvd so I could watch it at my own leisure. It was a bad decision. Every Sunday night I get a nervous tic just knowing it's on and I'm not watching it.


First - Don really is a dirty dog - I just knew he'd hit up his current secretary - I groaned through it all...losing Lucky Strike was a hint we were nearing the end (will Roger survive?) At least Peggy got over Duckie (shudder)....but I LOVE your prints - really sweet...Jewels


Would love to watch MM, but Sunday night means football to the Farmer and I can only watch so many DVRed shows in my limited free time. I may have to ask for all the seasons on DVD now because I know I'll love it if I watch even one episode.

And this Old Fabric! Be still my <3!! It's on my PIM (projects in mind) list to make a 30s fabrics quilt.

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I've been afraid to watch an episode of MM, because I didn't want to get sucked in. I'd probably spend most of the time looking at the fashions and decor anyway!
My Grandma made alot of crazy quilts, and they were really beautiful. This thing had to be taken apart! I'm sure the fabric is happier this way, after being clumped on top of each other like that for years!


Beautiful Treasures, I sure think you scored big time! oxox, Diane

LiLi M.

I still haven't bought the dvd's of mad men but...my neighbor has :-)! What are you going to do with those scraps (is this the right term?) of fabric now?


Wonderful quilt tops! You are such a lucky duck, you know?

In agreement totally about MM. If i were to postulate why you have become addicted to MM, i would have to guess a handful of reasons: the time period, the authentic stylin', and the amazing acting--not to mention the eye candy that is Jon Hamm. Thank goodness there are plenty of other opportunities to catch him now that he's on practically on every late night talk show to promote that Affleck movie and he's returning to SNL's Halloween show.

What i don't understand is why Michael Weimer showed his knickers so early re: announcing the show's series finale? Now these episodes, while a few scenes were smart (the tobacco letter, Lane telling Campbell about Don's generousity), seem to be spelling out too much. Aren't you supposed to be leaving the viewers with a craving for more and teasing them with a hint of the "end is near" air instead of quarreling partners, budget crises, and pink slips? I think he is being a little too obvious in some of these episodes--like last week's. But the episodes like the night of bonding that Don and Peggy had earlier in the season or the end to the Joan/Roger affair leaving us wondering if she really went through with her "procedure"...those are priceless! That is what the viewers will be missing. I hope that he doesn't spell too many things out and give too much finality to the project...why would there ever be reason to go back and watch the entire series then to try to sniff out more clues to other ideas of ways the characters may have turned out??

Anywho...i can't wait to see what you have planned with all that fabric!! Toodles, Whit


I love quilts like that! I had one similar as a kid and my Grandma would show me the scraps and say things like "that's from your aunts dress she wore to your mom's wedding, this piece is from your mom's school dress, etc." Made that quilt so special. Unfortunately my Dad decided to use if to lay on while chaning the oil in the car! Destroyed!


Into Vintage

I guess I'll out myself on the internet and admit this: I have never watched Mad Men. There. I said it. It's only because I fear getting addicted to one more tv show. But maybe if netflix has the dvd's, I can catch up in a hurry.

I spent several episodes of CSI taking apart a log cabin quilt top. Would you consider moving your operation a few miles west so we can start de-quilting circle?

Gina at Vintage Junk in My Trunk

I had to avoid all the Mad Men comments since I have the borrowed-from-the-library first season sitting on the table in front of the tv. It's been there for 3 weeks; due today. I REALLY wanted to watch this series, but it doesn't look like it's in the cards for me. Sigh. Great fabrics, btw!

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