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November 22, 2010


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Oh wow B - LOVE the "sewing caddy" girl, that's a real prize - sweet. I can never find skeleton keys so I'm quite jealous....the Guess the Dateline game is hilarious (maybe I'll try it over the long weekend LOL). J


You could come take some pictures for me.

I fear I may never blog again due to complete lack of photo taking motivation and time. Ugh.

Jenny Sellars

Sounds like your prorities are right in order!! lol!!

Lavender Dreams

I love that little baby gown! I try to find things like that for my dolls! Enjoy your week! ♥


What a pretty selection of things to be found there. It makes me wonder about the person it all belonged to. "W" had lovely taste, didn't she? I can imagine her distaste of cussing and drinking. I wonder where she found refuge from that life. Perhaps it all came after. I imagine her with lace curtains, geraniums growing at her windows, and sitting in an old rocking chair, while singing her baby to sleep. I hope her husband wasn't a carouser. She deserved better.
Oh my, the stories things can tell!

I love the striped crocheted bag. You are inspiring me greatly with the crocheted pin cushions and now with these little bags.


Oh please, tell us about the Sunday cleaning. That's something that's never done here and I would love to hear what it is!

Into Vintage

I have to confess that the police briefs published in my local, small town paper make for some very entertaining reading. And although alcohol + gunshots (?!) figure prominently in many of the stories, there's always a dog-eats-chicken or something similar to jazz it up.


I want the caddy!!! Are you going to put it up in Etsy? How much would you ask for it plus shipping to Finland? I've been collecting pincushions for two years now and my most recent find was a brass monk. Please, e-mail me with details!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

First, I must say that I love to read the police blotter! Especially if I find someone in there that I once knew, like an old boyfriend. Is that wrong of me to take pleasure in that? Anyway, lovely finds, and you are much braver than I, because I would have had to turn back after seeing that pit bull!

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