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November 28, 2010


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Mary Ellen

I love Laurie Colwin's books on food. I'm so happy your plan B for the bird worked out. Happy holidays!

Shara @ monkeybox

What a day for the stove to die! But, it sounds like your turkey was de-lish. My kitty girl lives under the tree all December. She loves it.

laurie magpie ethel

Best laid plans....We have done a turkey on the grill and it is yummy - glad you had a plan B.

p.s. twilight zone music...I was having issue with my oven a couple of weeks ago for Kate's birthday when I was about to a bake birthday cake. One of those times (like you) when you NEEDED THAT OVEN...I walked away as well and finally got mine going. I had no back-up plan of a cake in the bbq!


Oh, I love that phrase, "my best beloveds". It is so wonderful that we have Laurie Colwin's books, still, isn't it. The gifts that writers leave behind. You are a talented writer, as well.

I always think of experiences like this as adventures, that give us a story to tell.

Miss Luna likes the tree too, but our last cat Mr. Crespo truly loved it, and I have a few photos of him sleeping under it that are truly charming.


Good job coming up with a backup plan at the last minute. I'm so glad everything turned out well in the end -- good memories!

Into Vintage

While reading this post I was able to remain calm knowing that the pie AND cheesecake were baked and ready to stand in as a turkey substitute. But I'm a giver and if I have to eat extra pie to make up for missing turkey, so be it.

Lavender Dreams

There's always something happening to keep life interesting! We put our turkey breast on a rotisserie this year and it was wonderful! Enjoy your night! Stay warm! ♥


This happened to my sister one year on Christmas Day. Like you all the desserts were done the day before. Instead of roast pork loin, we had spaghetti and meatballs, all cooked on top of the stove. Everything was delicious! I always say improvisation is the sign of a true cook!!


*Carson gazed wistfully at the house next door, where his BDF (best dog friend) Ferris probably was happily feasting on leftovers.* Love it!!

Our dog does the same thing with the grill - even if it's raining, he's out there guarding the meat.

Your posts always make me smile and laugh - thank you for that. :)


Once again you made me laugh and stare longingly at your photos! Glad everything turned out for you and your family!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Once again, I laughed and I almost cried. No one tells a story better than you! So glad the Oodles family triumphed in the end!

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