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November 11, 2010


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Gina at Vintage Junk in My Trunk

Holy Shiny Brites! I am totally, madly in love with those pink balls. They are gorgeous! I'm thinking maybe I can get myself an early Christmas present... oh, and the canisters are pretty great too! Where is this store in Pennsylvania, please?

PS. "Damn Dolls" has me in hysterics. Can you not just feel the frustration from that crafter?


Once again, I am laughing out loud. I love your blog!

LiLi M.

Me too! (laughing out loud). Though I still don't know what was in that box....(blushing too).

Mary Ann

My sister calls troll dolls (remember those?) "dam dolls". Maybe it was those.


You really did good, I love your story and how it all unfolded, those sure are some pretty canisters and the colors so vibrant. Your Ornament collection is way cool girl. You should take in some nice Holiday cash this year! Congratulations. oxox, Diane


Your writing is wonderful...you always give me a giggle. I can just picture you driving about with the wonderful canisters...
As to entering a room marked "Craft Room" - I would have felt faint and my hands would get tingly with glee...but "reindeer nipples?"...what the heck kind of crafting did this person do? YIKES!


I needed a good laugh today...and now I've found it. Can I say again how much I love your blog?

Into Vintage

WOW. Damn, hell and nipples all in the same post. And based on that, who would guess the topic is crafts and Christmas! :-)

BTW - I too practice the 'go back and see if it's still there' routine. Helps me keep the lid on impulse purchases.

Secret Pepper Person

You are the funniest crafty person alive. Love your blog!


You. Are. So. Funny.

But your stuff?

Seriously AWESOME!

I love your stories and your treasures...all the time!


You had me at the canisters, then you sealed the deal with the Shiny-Brites and the Putz(es). I like the Gurley candles, too. I have some white, glittery ones that I sneak into my bottle-brush tree display.


I have a love hate relationship with your blog. I love everything and hate that it isn't mine!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I thought I'd accidentally stumbled on a porn site, with the references to reindeer nipples and damn dolls! Thank you so much for not opening those boxes and taking pictures. On a different note, I have a hot pad with that dahlia on it, and I've been waiting years to see something else with that design on it. Never have until now. Isn't it breathtakingly beautiful?

Mitzi Curi

I'm enjoying your blog so much....I love your sense of humor and writing style. Your Etsy shop looks so festive, it makes me want to shutter mine temporarily until I can get it up to snuff!


I love all the old Christmas decorations. Lovely!

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