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November 19, 2010


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Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

You come up with the best titles for your posts, and this one made me giggle! Love all of your danglers!

LiLi M.

Ah my grandparents used to have this kind of ornaments. They really had the best stuff, we (my parents) inherited it all. But I guess my mother thought it was all kitsch...because it all vanished :-(
I love your re make, have a great weekend creating and doing all kind of fun things!


I'm baking a fresh apple cake with caramel glaze tonight, but I can't wait for pumpkin pie!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Oh, I love these! I'm going to be stalking your etsy!

Chase  l  Oh The Cuteness!

That little snowman vignette on the Tasty Sweet package is amazing!


These are so pretty! I love the pink bells...they look so nice against the white branches.


Oh, you are SO good! I love these so much. I mean, I adore vintage Christmas - and making fabulous "new" things with vintage Christmas!?
They're just beautiful - BEAUTIFUL!!

Into Vintage

Got the 'hang' of it. *Snorts* with laughter.

I think our first dusting is due this weekend. Fingers crossed it will be merely a dusting - I'm not ready yet to deal with much more than that.


These are just gorgeous!! What fun!

laurie magpie ethel

Cue Twilight Zone music...I just got three of those danglers off Ebay to add to my collection! Once I get my most recent sale photos up you will see that I was also working on my own set of Christmas bells...great minds!

Gina at Vintage Junk in My Trunk

They turned out great! Love the pink frosty bells.

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