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November 17, 2010


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Love it ALL!!

Into Vintage

Those little mending kits make me want to learn to crochet.

Have you considered the refrigerator for ornament storage -- it's really just a big closet. Although you might have to switch to powdered milk and canned goods for a bit.

Rebecca Greene

My late mother-in-law, Alice, crocheted potholders that look just like the lids of those kits. She loved to crochet, and made beatiful afghans and lacy things, but in the last few years of her life, she had dementia. Her crocheting skills deterioriated so she could only make potholders. I have dozens of them that have never been used. They make me smile to see them on my closet shelf. Thanks for reminding me of Alice today. :)


Oh, I like your stocking stuffer idea! I know just what to ask Santa for now!

Sir Thrift A Lot

The Sputnik ornaments rock!


What wonderful little sewing kits. I love them, and have never seen one before. What a wonderful idea for friendship tokens. I don't blame you for wanting to hold on to them a bit longer. It's a nice idea to fill them with vintage sewing notions. You are so creative, and you are the master at finding vintage treasure!


Lili M just nudged me in your direction to look at your Christmas ornaments. Glad she did - what a fun blog!

I've got an aluminum tree - and those sputnik ornaments would be perfect for it. But I especially love those pretty vintage mending kits. Sweet! I'll have to head over to your Etsy shop and see your other goodies.

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