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December 15, 2010


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I want to see the tackiest ornament, or have you already chucked it? Could it be a velveteen Santa?

Linda @ A La Carte

Oh the snowplow and I would have words...but then I don't have to get out of a snow filled driveway so I'm not one to really listen too.

Oh I would love the 'snowman' of the year ornament award!! Looking forward to this event and I have my fuzzy slippers ready and waiting.


I say best patina on an ornament. The possibilities are endless and I look forward to Monday :)


How 'bout Best Alternative-Lifestyle Oriented Elf with bendy legs?

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Since my Plow Guy is my husband, I just shove a finger in each ear and go back to sleep!
How about a category for best facial expression on a kneehugger elf? I've seen some real doozies lately. It could be a sub-category to Mary Kay's. Oh, and H.B. Barbara! Hope you have a great one!


Just wanted to say hello from a vintage addict in London, England. I just found your blog for the first time via Q is for Quilter. What a wonderful blog, you find such treasures, I am having palpitations! I have already spent far too long today reading back through your posts but I shall be back for more!
Hen xxx

Jenny G.

I think your new category should be 'best ornament too odd to pass up'.


I'm sure you would have several that could qualify for "Kookiest Made in Japan" or "What were those Japanese Thinking".
xo, suzy

acorn hollow

We have a steep driveway and our plow guy did the same and came back in the spring with a load of bluestone because he plowed all of the other stone up. oh yea the joys of snow. so then the husband gets the idea he wants a tractor so we buy a new tractor not only does he dig up the blue stone he hits the lamp posts,takes a chunk out of the rock wall,etc. When spring comes it looks like world war 3 happened in our driveway. and the old plow guy still brings that load of blue stone.So just be thankful you have a plow guy.


I'd like to see a best Shiny Brite ornament category.


I love this post, and the shelves look bee-yoo-ti-ful!

I'll give the ornament category some thought.



Just reading your blog to my daughter while she makes peppermint bark pretzels. Caroline's suggestion is "How is this related to Christmas, again?" ornament and mine is the grandest tree ornament.

Looking forward to Monday!

Into Vintage

I've been planning my big Academy of Vintage Christmas Ornament Arts and Sciences awards party for months now -- can't wait! The suspense!

This year I'm hoping to see a Best Foreign Ornament category or perhaps Best Hand-Painted Ornament but then again, they're all winners to me.

Margaret @ Eat First

Us city people only have a "snowblower guy,'' and that would be Robert, bless him. This year, in addition to our house, he has to keep a path plowed to my cookie stash in the neighbor's freezer. :-)

What I really stopped by to say is Happy Belated Birthday! I'll be stopping back Monday to check out the ornament awards.


How about best knee hugging elf. You DO have some, don't you, oodles? I would be deeply disappointed in you if you don't!


Oh gosh, I feel so stupid! I see others have already posted suggestions regarding the elf category. Well obviously it would be a popular category.


I hear you about the 5:30 a.m. superintendent call. While we have had no snow days yet here in B'ville, we have had four snow delays in the last two weeks. And we have the same automated superintendent message system. Although I appreciate the message, I also need that extra half hour of sleep. LOL.

Oh and my poor neighbor across the street works 2nd shift. So he is out there at midnight snowblowing his driveway. Ugh! Dh gets up at 6:30 am to do ours, which doesn't help. By 4 pm it is completely covered again in another foot of snow and I get stuck at the bottom of our hilly driveway.

It's already going to be a long winter here in CNY. Sigh.

I don't have a suggestion for an award category but I like some of the others mentioned though, esp. best expression on knee-hugging elves


how about best DEER ornament/figurine????? i wish we HAD snow-it's maine for crying out loud! merry christmas!


Gurley's and Jadeite, so pretty!

Since my hubby is our plow guy, he tends to plow HIGH so we don't lose the gravel, we just have to drive through slush for the winter. ;)

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