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December 11, 2010


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Oh my goodness! If the ornaments weren't so beautiful I might have left - but then, maybe not. I went to a couple of shops today and found not one thing. And Christmas stuff was 25% off. One plastic bag looked like it might have one or two items in it, but there were so many broken ornaments clinking around that I put it back. Who puts glass ornaments in a plastic bag with other stuff, anyway?

Shara @ monkeybox

Every time my son eats Doritoes/FunYuns/Fritoes, I say, "My GAWD those things STINK. Give me one." Then, once I've eaten one, they don't stink at all.

The ornies are lovely. Mr. Cheez-it sounds not so lovely.

Into Vintage

Sounds like Mr Cheeze-Its doesn't work for a commission. If at all. I think those ornaments must be extremely relieved to have been rescued by you.

Kathy Uhrig

I think your ornament score was worth the aggravation but, good grief, you have to wonder how some folks stay in business. When the prices are really high or lot priced I always wonder if they made some deal where they "bid" on what's left and figure the owner will take anything at that point. Gotta wonder.

Lisa W.

I especially love it when a "Mr. Cheez-Its" grabs the item to decide how much to charge you for it.... Yuk ! Thanks for sharing your adventure . And what great ornaments !


I do appreciate all you have to put up with to bring us these treasures, although from my point of view, it's always a win-win situation -- fabulous vintage items to drool over, and a great story as well.


I love your stories! And the decorations seem worth it!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

Just be glad you didn't get there after they had their pizza, because then Mr. Cheez-It would have had pepperoni breath on top of the Cheez-It breath!

acorn hollow

thanks for the visit i in no way keep up with you on the ornaments but I did score pretty good.
p.s. I hate cheese-its they even taste bad.

Hope G

There is no way in heck I would have bought one bloody thing from that sale. Customer service is #1 in my book and what you got there was rock-bottom.

i was in a charity shop last week and there was lady trying to ask the clerk about a coat in the front window. The clerk was unable to tell the lady the size and rather than offer to find out, just turned her back on the customer. The customer then asked if she could find out the size and the manager then informed her that she didn't know the size and didn't have time to look. I put down what I had in my hand, gave the workers a rather nasty look, and walked out. I will never go back.

Kindness is easy and if you don't like people and aren't prepared to answer a few questions, then you need to rethink your career...lol.


This post had me laughing (sorry). Why are some people so clueless?


Wow you have posted a lot since my last visit. How do you do it? Each and every post is so engaging and creative. What I'm trying to say is I admire you. You're funny and take really great pictures.
The cheez-it guy sounds really gross. The ornaments deserve a good home, and I think yours must be the most splendid Christmas house for them.


Oh goodness, I would have left. I can't stand rude people, and these people were extremely so. Just recently, my father-in-law and I were discussing the lack of manners in today's society, and the lack of service. I insist on it. I've actually been known to just walk away from a full cart of groceries, or leave something on the counter, if I encounter rude people. Then, I ask to speak with the manager. I worked in service industries for years, so maybe that is partly why I'm particular, but I would much rather give my money to someone who deserves it.


OMG, that cracked me up! The Cheez-it paragraph was especially funny. At least you got the last laugh with those pretty ornaments!
PS. I'm a Dorito gal myself, but the Cheddar Jack Cheez-its are pretty addictive.

Brenda Kula

You should write a book about your estate sale ventures. And the annoyances of silly individuals put forth as marketing their wares. Hilarious story! And I don't think I'll want to look at any for awhile myself.

black eyed susans kitchen

You know, I was in the worst mood, and yet you made me laugh...really laugh...and now I am smiling! Seriously, you should have given them a ticket or something...they needed to go to yard sale school! Good finds though.
♥, Susan

Shelley Germann

I've been anxiously waiting for this post since you gave us the teaser. It did not disappoint. What are people thinking? Oh yeah, they aren't! Sounds like you took it better than I would. Those kind of people make me cranky!

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