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December 05, 2010


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Brenda Kula

I bet your husband now is happy you misinterpreted him and got that skating rink. It really is special, even if it is modern. It fits right in!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

You've disguised it well! And you've given me an idea. Whenever my husband shows the slightest interest in something that I like, I'm going to misinterpret that to mean HE would like to have it. This is pure genius! Thank you Barbara!


This is so charming. I love the barn, and the sleigh especially.

Yesterday I acquired something similar to your sleigh. It is a horse drawn carriage that belonged to my mother in law. It is lead and painted much the same as your wonderful old toy. Maybe I will get it unpacked tonight or tommorow. If I do, I'll take a photo so you can see it. It's truly wonderful.

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