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December 08, 2010


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Into Vintage

If I had several yards of that fabric, I would put it in my fabric cabinet and feel calm and at peace knowing that I am now hoarding several yards of it. I hope that's helpful although you should consider the source of this comment.

Then again it could make several swanky hostess aprons.

My Blessed Serendipity Life

I just love the look of your Christmasy cabinet. I am drooling over that jadite too.



Your photos are so lovely, Barbara - and your collections and decorations are just completely wonderful in every way.
I LOVE seeing them!

CJ Woodring

I was gonna vote for a hostess apron, but see someone beat me to it! Nonetheless, it still gets my vote.

Of course I'm jealous as beans of your Hoosier cabinet, because I want one so badly (keeping in mine I have a kitchen smaller than a walk-in closet in today's McMansions). Nonetheless, they are soo cool and, as a Hoosier, feel I should be entitled to one.

Love your blog, fellow (former) journalist.


CJ Woodring

P.S. make that "keeping in mind." DUH.
Obviously, I need to continue editing my own work -- although the pay's not great. :-)


I think curtains are the obvious choice. Apron was my second vote.

black eyed susans kitchen

Fabulous finds...love the fabric and the candles are divine! One of the best parts of coming to you blog is finding the most satisfying vintage goodies.
♥, Susan


That hoosier is looking mighty fine in it's red and green decor. Now, what would I do with that fab-o flocked fabric? Put it on my shelf and covet it for a while for sure. It would make a lovely ruffle on an apron too.

Lavender Dreams

The fabric is wonderful! I would probably just hoard it! Love the Christmas aprons...and all your pretty things! ♥

Sonya-Dime Store Thrift

That CANDLE!!! Hmmm...going on Etsy anytime soon or is it a keeper? Or shall I give you the name of that Super Secret Thrift Store?


I don't know how I found your blog as I've been following for a while...and I'm middle-aged and lose track of stuff - but I'm from the 'Burgh :) Makes me want to race to the nearest red white &blue!

laurie is magpie ethel

that hoosier cabinet looks so magical with the red and jadeite combo...a vision of Christmas loveliness!


I love it that the Hoosier gets dressed up for every holiday. The canisters and the snowman are wonderful additions this year.

I think that flocked fabric would make an adorable Christmas dress for a little girl, but hostess apron or curtains are probably more practical choices (well....maybe hostess aprons aren't really that practical, but they're so pretty).

Shelley Germann

Ah, another common love! The Steelers and Troy Polamalu. Did you notice that after the knocked the ball free he got himself down field to block for Woodley? What a man!

BTW-It's kinda weird. I took pictures today of my hosier...with my large Gurley Santa on it. Oh how I find the time to post them soon!

Shelley Germann

Lord, I guess CJ isn't the only one that needs to proofread. That's "hoosier" and "he." UGH!

Kathy Uhrig

Ooooh - love your Jadite collection! I have a few pieces myself but they are harder and harder to come by, for sure. When it was still more plentiful I managed to collect 4 of the bowls like the ones on top of your hoosier but that was pre-microwave days (dating myself!) and who knew you shouldn't put vintage dishes in the micro... Thank you for sharing and thank you for stopping by my blog today!


Oh, your cabinet and all the vintage just makes my heart sing. What a super find in the flower fabric! I love curtains and so I would definitely sew them into curtains...you could even just have them up for the Christmas season. I always watch The Bishop's Wife around this season...my favorite scene is the ice skating.


Oh my gosh I love that fabric. It is really beautiful. Yes Curtains are obvious. My mom used to have kitchen curtains for different seasons as well as different slip covers. We had 2 windows in the kitchen and our table was in between them. My mom always made cafe curtains so she could look out the top between the bottom and the valance. No one has time to make things for seasons anymore. Love your hutch. Vintage loveliness.

Jerusalem Greer

oh I love all of those. I am falling more and more inlove with vintage christmas items such as these every year! thanks for sharing your collection!


I love everything!!!!

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