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December 07, 2010


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Into Vintage

I confess I really love that new 'copy' feature on etsy - really makes listing items go much faster.

In other news, your little snowman with the mushroom is so very charming. I especially like that someone even thought to put snowmen and mushrooms together. Vintage Christmas is perfect to me in that way.


I'm envious of your snow! It's dry as a bone around here. I think a little snow would go a long way toward getting me in a Christmassy mood.

Thanks for the explanation of Circles on Etsy. I wondered what they were but hadn't had time to explore yet.


Once again...you made me laugh!

Brenda ...the Farmer's Dotter

I always enjoy your blogs and stuff, short or long! Enjoy your snow, I'm hoping it will wait until it's actually winter here!

Janet Pfaff

But I bet they weren't as interesting.


Thanks for the heads-up! I should pay more attntion. I had noticed the Activity Feed and I have been "Circled" but I hadn't noticed the Copy feature. I spend a half hour last night re-listing after some button sets sold. Dang!

laurie magpie ethel

Can't believe all that snow - WOW...THAT IS CRAZY! Thanks for the Etsy update...I have had a couple of circle notifications and was not quite sure what it was (was going to investigate after my shows). I did notice the copy feature (hallelujah!) but had not notice the Activity feed...cool stuff! Happy white stuff...


Too funny B...50's rating - what's up with that! Not much snow here yet in mid Michigan though north of us is getting wholloped - if things play out like last year we will be this little oasis of terribly cold weather with no white stuff (pros and cons to that)...Mind you I would love a snow day just to putz at home and find real estate for my christmas doo hickies(sigh).


I love snow and miss it terribly...sure, we could drive 1 1/2 hrs when it sometimes snows in the mountains but then the entire population does the same thing - horrible traffic jam. Someday I'd like to be somewhere and wake up to find the snow outside my door.
Oh, those angels are the sweetest..especially the little one in the moon.

Shelley Germann

How jealous I am of your snow! Our grass is barely covered. I'm crossing my fingers that this weekend we get more, although it won't rival your 18"+.

I'm glad you took the time to explain the Etsy features. I still haven't jumped into Etsy, but if I do, I pray I remember your helpful hints!

Stay warm and dry!

Lori @ My Vintage Whimsy

Please send some snow to Maryland. A good 10" or so would be wonderful. I'd love to have snow from November through March, to be honest. Last winter, after the blizzard, we had snow on the ground for a month and it was WONDERFUL!! It made winter actually feel like winter, if you know what I mean!

Margaret @ Eat First

Dear Mrs. Ooodles --

You make me laugh out loud! I just got lost on your blog for about a half hour (while at work, I probably shouldn't add!). I see you've been very busy -- wow, that's a lot of stuff on Etsy! Hope things are going well for you and looking forward to seeing you on Sunday.

PS: Love the angel snoozing on the crescent moon Gurley candle.

Mitzi Curi

Hi there! I appreciate your explanation of the Etsy features. I need to brush up on my Etsy lingo and utilize some of the unique features they have. I've always found listing soooo tedious, therefore my Etsy shop gets put on the back burner too often. The "copy" feature might make a big difference....Oh, I enjoyed your snow covered treasures and Christmas decor too!

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