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December 03, 2010


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Lavender Dreams

Put me on your gift list! heehee! I love all of the pretty things you find! I actually found a few things today and bought more gold and silver balls! It sure is FUN...and addictive! Hugs to you! ♥ My pixies love Florida! ♥

LiLi M.

How I wish I could hang my stocking at your place!


It's funny I didn't even know I wanted all that stuff before I read this post.
I was just in Hollister and the clerk was yelling CAN I HELP YOU FIND SOMETHING over that insanely loud music. And what is with that bad cologne smell? I would take weird-estate-sale-smell over Hollister any day.

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I just had to ask my husband what the name of the store was that we had to go to a few years ago to buy stuff for our daughter, where the music was so loud that we had to yell, and he thought I was yelling at him, and we both left the store very crabby. The answer was yelled rather loudly: HOLLISTER! So glad she has graduated to Victoria's Secret. I think.
Someone at your house must have been very very good this year, to deserve all of those grand things!


I personally feel that Abercrombie is worse - the thumping bass beats, the dark, dark store (can anyone even SEE what they're buying?) and the foul cologne that they must pump through their ventilation systen (and out into the surrounding mall areas) all add up to a place that I don't even want to WALK past much less shop at.


Very pretty collection of Vintage Christmas, my home is full and I too am finding new homes for a lot of Vintage ornaments.. Good luck shopping~ Hugs, Diane


Love it all but I have to say, the one poor reindeer looks like he had a Fabio-type encounter with a goose and another reindeer behind him snacked on his tail. Still, very cute! :D


I love to be first on my list! Great vintage finds... may be heading thrifty shopping myself... who needs the mall!

Lori Denton

Your blog is so much fun to read and see! I love seeing your treasures. Thank you for sharing!

Into Vintage

There are no teenagers in my home so I'm going to have to google 'Hollisters.' If it's anything like Abercrombie, my sympathies. And probably because there are no teenagers here, I can't imagine a young man being less than thrilled with some chenille candy canes suspended in icicle-shaped holders in his Christmas stocking. I imagine he'd want to share his joy by texting his friends immediately.


Oh dear B - those reindeers look like they have human legs for antlers (is it me? - I'm just sayn). I think I'm getting too old- even the Xmas music seems loud to me...Love your haul J


Okay, that's just spooky. I just bought the same plastic angels, choir boys, and reindeer a week ago. Though your reindeer have the green harness, mine didn't. Just sold the reindeer on Etsy. Love love love the Kitsch! Ciao, Maria

acorn hollow

you find the most wonderful things. and this is how out of thouch I am I have never heard of Hollister.


You found so many things that are on my list! Like those plastic angels - now I know why I can't find one; they are all up your way! Truth be told, I can hardly find ways to display what I have,and yet everytime I see your finds, my heart skips.

laurie magpie ethel

shopping for yourself I see? I am so glad that Kate has pretty much gotten over Hollister or Abercrombie & Fitch..that music and cologne YIKES! I like to yell gibberish back at the young workers - I can never understand what they are asking me anyhow over that loud music!


Hmmm.....I think I know somebody who wants some of those things!!

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