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December 17, 2010


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What a wonderful surprise! They are the cutest little band ever.

Now that I've seen these photos of this freakish vintage Christmas collection in NJ:
I am even more amazed that you continue to find such adorable stuff.

Lavender Dreams

How cute! I love them and found a few little cuties at the Thrift store this morning! I've posted my vintage balls but need to post some other fun finds! ♥


They are adorable and how wonderful that you got them for free!!!


Oh my goodness, I've never seen these before. They are so clever. I'm going to have to try to make something like that. Maybe for next year, as I'd want my stems to be faded perfectly, just like those are.

You must live in a Christmas fantasy land. It is rare to find such things here.


Brenda Kula

How adorable! Who wouldn't want those cuties?

acorn hollow

They would look good anywhere because they are so cute!!!!!

LiLi M.

They are just too good to be true!!! But how you always seem to manage to buy in sets....I just don't know. I have found 1 very scary Santa, 1 Santa mug and 1 chenille Santa and 1 toadstool candle. Okay we'll just continue the hunt!
Have a merry Christmas in your beautiful vintage Christmas house and have a lot of fun with the ones you love. (Btw do they love vintage stuff too?) LiLi

Shelley Germann

Too cute! A whole ensemble...free. What could be better.

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