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December 19, 2010


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Love the awards ceremony! So many deserving winners! And the elves scare me silly (that's why there are so many listed in my Etsy shop).

Lisa W.

Bravo !! What star studded extravaganza !!! I stayed up late just to see it . It is ( by far ) the best awards ceremony of the year !!

LiLi M.

Even time difference doesn't take me of watching the AOVCOA&S awards ceremony. What an excitement, the judges did excellent work. Looking forward to next ceremony already!
A joyous Christmas to all of you who are enjoying this wonderful event.


Congratulations to this year's winners! The judges made excellent choices as usual.


is it sad that I am here at the office and instead of doing my job I rush to see the winners? Thank you for eye candy! You find the best ornaments. I concur about the knee hugging elves. But I do love scary Santas :)Thanks for the chuckles.


I haven't had this much fun with vintage Christmas ornaments in a long time! Thank you for the crazy and wonderful awards ceremony...

I'm going to have to take another look at my own vintage ornaments and see if any are award-worthy. I definitely have plenty that can fit into the "What Were Those Japanese Thinking?" category.

Merry Christmas to you!


I think I have a deer ornie on the tree this year, will try and remember to hunt for it this afternoon.

My grandma always had a gold elf on her tree. I loved that little guy. mY crazy ass uncle threw them all away when she died and he INSISTED on cleaning out the basement at my grandparents house. I am perpetually hunting the gold lame elf. Le sigh.

Lavender Dreams

What fun! And my sweet little elves...which I cal pixies...made it to the top choices! I love everything and I even posted a few of my little thrift store finds this morning! I LOVE vintage...I am SO addicted, thanks in part to YOU! Have a wonderful "MERRY" week, sweet friend! ♥♥♥

Lavender Dreams

PS I mentioned you on my blog this morning! Like minds...heeheehee! ♥♥♥

Annette Mantooth

I jjust found you. I too am a vintage Christmas fanatic. I live in a small town: Wewoka. OK

CJ Woodring

This is so great! Thanx for the fun and a whole new way of viewing our vintage ornaments. (As if there's any other kind!)

Merry Christmas and blessings of the New Year to you and yours.


Shara @ monkeybox

Whew. what a show. I can kick off my heels now and unzip my dress and get comfy. Loved the winners this year. I have a Shiny Brite with a deer on it - I may need to put it on my blog.

Into Vintage

Another amazing year and everyone looks so fabulous, especially some of the older nominees -- I wonder what their secret is? I can see why the Shiny Brite snowman is a crowd pleaser. And that aqua teapot - she looks so gorgeous, it's really her time to shine.

Someday when VCTV* is up and running, this award show will be the crown jewel of the network.

(*vintage Christmas television)

Linda @ A La Carte

BRAVO! Congrats to the winners this year. I must say the stunning PINK snowman was deservedly a double award winner this year. I also think the lah-may elf was was just the right winner for those many categories. I do love this awards ceremony and look forward to it each year.

jen duncan

OH I am so glad I followed Nanette's link over here to your blog. What a WONDERFUL ornaments award show! LOVED it!!!


I LOVE this awards ceremony!!!! Thanks for sharing :)

Mary Ellen

I completely enjoyed the award ceremony this year. A hearty congratulations to each of the winners.

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

There was something for everyone at this year's awards ceremony, but I'm so glad to take off my control top pantyhose and let it all hang out again! I applaud all of the winners, but I was a little shocked to learn that you don't like kneehuggers. Then I realized that some of them do look a little creepy, and I guess that's why I keep all of mine trapped in a jar!

Mary Kay Andrews

Sorry to be so late for the party. Guess I had one too many pfefferkuchens. Is that a real cookie--or did I just make it up? Anyhow, Bravo! Bravo! So glad to see that the foreign ornaments were fairly represented this year. And that Don't Ask Don't Tell may be extended to elf-dom. Because really, you don't have to ask. Most of the time you just know.


I must admit the red lame knee-hugging elf in your pic is kind of creepy. He looks like a creepy Rice Krispies cereal elf. LOL. My Japanese elves are actually sitting on red and green plastic clothespins with their legs and feet in the air. They are cute, but odd.

Too bad the snow globe Santas aren't ornaments because they would have gotten my vote for best Santa.

Love, love the indent West German ornaments. I remember those from my childhood. Sadly, my Mom didn't take very good care of her ornaments and they all broke.

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