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January 07, 2011


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Congratulations on that wonderful sign!


Wait, those are stainless? Not aluminum? Cause my mom had a very similar set in "spun" aluminum. Wedding present, 1952. They're on my kitchen counter.

Also, this is a YES! Yes, please! vote for weekly instructions for making gumdrop farm animals!

Kathy Uhrig

Love that sign and your "farm" commentary, being raised a farm girl myself. Long ago and far away....LOL! Enjoy "getting your eyes filled up" with your new sign! Thank you for stopping by my blog today.


Ohhh - that is a good question. Im putting it out there to the world: stainless or aluminum? I thought they were stainless because theyre made by a company called Steelmaster. Anybody know?

Jan 7, 2011 06:25:49 PM, reply-3TDJ5JZQV43M_4L89FVV577RF@typepad.com wrote:

A new comment from LuRay was received on the post An excellent week that included farm animals of the blog Oodles and oodles. If you would like to post a reply to this comment you can do so at the following URL:



Laurie magpie ethel

Loving the oodles sign and your first gumdrop creation should be a cow...in honor of that AWESOME sign. Glad your week had such good finds - still waiting for an estate sale here on the west coast. I SO NEED ONE!

Into Vintage

That oodles sign is incredible. You are so fortunate there are alert bloggers out there because I'm guessing this is a once in a lifetime find.

On the canisters: I'm no rocket scientist but I think a magnet will stick to stainless steel but not to aluminum. Plus I just think they're aluminum -- isn't stainless shiny? Gotta go, NASA is calling.

Into Vintage

NASA just hung up on me after reminding me that stainless steel appliances are not shiny.


B - first - LOVE those robin canisters (will Spring ever come?). And Sue was very kind to get you your sign - sweet! I'll stay clear of the great aluminum (and how do You pronounce it?) and steel debate. I may be many things, but rocket scientist is not on my curriculum vitae...


The recipe books are a hoot. And your oodles sign is crazy cute...it's so cool to know there are blog friends out there to make sure the sign got to the right home!

Gina @ Vintage Junk in My Trunk

That sign is very cool! Leave it to Sue to find something amazing like that!

Lisa W.

You had a really great week of items ! I think that your Oodles sign takes the cake however.... what a wonderful gift !! GOOD FOR YOU ! And - I am going to second the vote on weekly instructions for making candy and gumdrop animals... I'll bet they are really cute.


I'm certain a week couldn't get any better than lovely canisters and vintage farm animal stuff. Way to ring in the new year!


I love the sign! How perfect!

I love the book with the gumdrop figures too. I actually think that would be a fun way to decorate a cupcake for a child, or for the child within, so please do share the intructions. Pretty please?

The bird cannisters are charming. I wonder why we don't see things made with charm, or a whimsical sense of humor about them anymore? Or simply very well made things, out of good materials? I have an old set of cannisters that I love. They are so heavy, the lids fit perfectly, and the charm that they add to my kitchen makes me smile. I suppose that's why we love old things so much.

Kim G.

The sign is fabulous! You are one lucky girl! A cow named Oodles. So cool.


I'm speechless, that is too cool for school.


Nice post. I love it. Waiting your new posts. Thank you...

Amy Stark

LOVE the bird canisters. I have one from that set and have always considered it one of my favs. I would love gum drop animal instructions, what a fun way to cope with cold, snow, cold,snow and too much football.
The oodles sign is the best, such a good friend.

LiLi M.

I love projects like the vintage Canister Reunification Project. About steel or aluminum, steel is indeed magnetic and steel is quite heavy, aluminum is light. Last clue: has it printed 'stainless steel' on it?

(this is a joke)

The sign is cute too. Have a great week and more darling projects.

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