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January 28, 2011


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Does your cat eat DM food? My dibetic cat does but she WILL. NOT. EAT. the wet DM. Does you cat like the wet DM? I ask because I have most of a case and I'd be happy to send it along to you if your cat eats it.


Hi, Poppy! My cat is pretty finicky, too. She eats the dry Royal Canin (or something like that) food - $50 for a big sack, ack - but the Friskies special diet canned food, so at least thats a little more affordable. Its really nice of you to offer it - I bet theres probably an animal shelter near you that would love to have it. Thanks for visiting! Barbara

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Still reading, because your pithy post feels a bit like a mirror being held up to my face. :) I so enjoy your witty rants. Send some of that snow to Oregon, would ya?.......Ciao, Maria w/Magia Mia


I'm reading your post from snowy Ohio where I took a moment to ponder style while shopping at Beiler's this morning. Most women were wearing pants that were much too short (but DRY) and shoes that were downright UGLY (but who cares? they weren't ruined by all the slush and salt). Around almost every neck was a brightly colored and extremely fuzzy scarf. Thank heavens for whoever invented eyelash yarn! They've brightened a whole population of winter weary women.

Glad you could enjoy a moment of "spring"! Missed you!


Your epiphany gave me an epiphany, that I really get this whole post. Just last week I left the vet clinic and thought as I closed the door behind me that my voice seemed rather loud in there.
Glad you're back!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

This is exactly why I like you so much, Barbara! You're not afraid to expose your extremities. I mean your extremes!
I've just come inside from sunning myself on the back porch. It's 31 and sunny with no wind. 31!! My neighbor saw me and came over to check on me because she thought I had maybe frozen to death out there. It IS a fabulous day!

Into Vintage

About allowing assignments to consume your life: Yes I do. In particular, things I've assigned to myself (those last three words would be in ital if I had that option). For me, it's part of a creative process, to obsess until I'm satisfied with the results although I'm sure those in the psychiatry field have another term for it.


Very cute I think 2011 is a year of discovery~ Hugs, Diane

Gina at Vintage Junk in My Trunk

Can commiserate with you on all levels here. I felt the same way when it hit the freezing mark here -- amazing what a little perspective will do for you. Glad you're back and in fine form! And I read "The Mighty Queens..." while in Bouckville this year!


I relate so enthusiastically to your thoughts about obsessing over the writing work. I used to have a little drapery business wherein I'd take a job, "sure I can do that," and then grumble horrendously throughout the entire thing. As soon as I was handed payment, however, I'd turn to my husband and brightly say, "that wasn't so bad...." wherein he just shook his head and took me to dinner.

I love your blog :)


laurie magpie ethel

Still reading and chuckling here and there. Glad the articles are finished and perhaps you will come back to blogland to entertain. Wish we had a bit of that snowy weather here...


Writing from northeast Indiana, where snow is mounded up alongside walks, but streets are relatively clear. Just slushy. The sun was out today after several days of gloom, and I nearly flew out in just my 1) jeans, 2) cotton blouse, 3) fur-lined vest (not sure what fur; it looks like road kill, and 4) short boots.
Heat wave! Spring!


I bowed under to a wintry blast that smacked me on the front porch, and donned heavy twill coat before leaving.

So, yeah, I relate. As a writer who actually has a current assignment, I also TOTALLY relate to the 24/7 obsession about same. Yes, my friend, we ARE O/C. Maybe no Monk, jumping over cracks and washing our hands eleventy-hundred times, but O/C all the same.

Somehow, I suspect you knew that. ;-)

Keep the blogs coming. Love reading your work.


Brenda Kula

You "ramble" better than anyone I know! I should have known you write professionally. I could tell. I tend to have your personality. But exuberance for everything (or you could look at it as never being close to moderate on ANYTHING) has its rewards!


So glad you are back! I've missed your ramblings! :)


Oh, I'm sorry, I got distracted... could you repeat that?

Aunt Barbie

I love to hear what is going on inside your head. You put the words together with such joyful visualization. My thoughts consume me too. BTW, love the buttons..


I can totally relate to this! I am a terrible multitasker because I throw myself into whatever I'm doing so much that I can't think about anything else. We all must be thinking alike-I am planning on hitting the food store today without a coat or snowboots :)


No wonder I like you so much, I think we are related some how... Hi, Cuz!!

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