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January 04, 2011


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Well I am going to join you on those buying resolutions! I just need to be very picky when it comes to buying, otherwise my garage and attic just stay out of control~ So I am purging many items this January. Cheers to 2011 Hugs, Diane


Having a case at an antique mall is pretty cool. Looks like your vases, etc. are priced to sell. Good luck!

Kathy Uhrig

Wow, no buying mistakes. That's an ambitious resolution. Sometimes it's so hard to resist that little chipped treasure that is just crying for someone to bring it home and love it anyway! I think I must toughen up!

Ruth Beckett

ok, i have to tell you, i love your blog.. i happened on to it a few weeks ago with the red and green around dec 21.. that night i read back about 3 mos or so.. tonight i have read most if not all of your posts.. i had no idea there were that many vintage christmas ornaments out there.. the many things i have learned.. i am just over whelmed by all of your pictures and vintage items.. thanks for sharing..


I so agree! I am not going to buy anything unless I absolutely love it....and after I have decluttered this mess of a house!


It's so interesting to me, how so many of us are decluttering and thinking about "less", right now.

Yikes, perfection. I sort of hate that word, having struggled with it, for most of my life. So funny, how we don't require or expect it from others, but when it comes to our own self.....

Hmmmm, can you really, sort of hate something? Maybe I dislike it, a lot!

I love your blog, and have learned a great number of things from you too, Barbara.

Thank you.

Lisa W.

Yes Barbara - I think that you are due for a good clean out ! There was a Putz set of animals and people that you got last August that really MUST GO !!! I would be glad to help you out on that one ! ;) !

Into Vintage

I'm with you on this. I have a big box of mistakes/impulse purchases/overall lapses of judgement to go to Goodwill. Wishing us all a dud-free 2011.

Lavender Dreams

I love the little crocheted items! And the nursery things look like some I had when my boys were little....many years ago! ♥

Mary Kay Andrews

As a public service, Barbara, I would be happy for you to ship me all that excess Jadeite of yours that seems to be cluttering up your life. That's how I roll. I'm a giver.

Shelley Germann

Ha Ha! If I had made the resolution not to make any mistakes, I would have failed on the 1st! I should know better...the first auction of the year always has me hyped up. I do love what I bought, but I did spend a tad too much!

I won't leave you guessing. I bought a child's Singer sewing machine. I was just too cute too pass up. I does look nice in my sewing room.


Are the little plastic ducks for sale and if so how much? I like them!!

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