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January 14, 2011


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What a precious gold mine!


I want three birds!! I don't see them listed yet - I have dibs. (Please.)


Count me in for three Owls, B - they are just so cute! Jewels

Shara @ monkeybox

Oh, I had some of those when I was little! I remember them - I kept them in my jewelry box, but I don't remember wearing them. I think I had a bluebird and a ladybug. So cute!


Please reserve two owls and a bird for me please!! My etsy id is livinvintage28. Thanks so much!! These are adorable!!

LiLi M.

What a find! I am proud of you that you don't want to keep this complete (I would) but sell it, there will probably be enough left for you. You are my role model for 2011 (that is if you stop procrastinating, that is something I do too and I am not proud of it).
Have a great weekend and good luck selling!


I would love to have 3 owls! My etsy ID is theheirloomboutique. I just happened to run across your blog and saw this. If you could reserve them and if someone could please be kind enough to let me know the name of what I am sure has to be a wonderful etsy shop I would appreciate it :) Great blog!



Hah! I have this tiny little ladybug stick pin that came in a pin cushion from an estate sale. I always wondered about it. Thanks for sharing. Now I know.......

birdie blue

absolutely adorable. i'd have a hard time parting with them.

thanks for sharing. i found your blog this week, and signed on as your newest follower, so i don't miss a trick.


Into Vintage

Amazing! What a collection. Years ago I had a lobster pin (didn't everyone?) and now I know it was part of a much larger 'tiny, cute pin' universe.


these are adorable!! i remember we had some when i was a kid...my mom used them to tack things to her corkboard!

Jenny Sellars

Owls and Pigs please!! But, I can't remember your etsy...you need to have a thing on your side bar!!

jenny holiday

Woww!! These are so so fantastic!! What a GREAT find!!!!Soo funnn!!!

xoxo Jenny Holiday

Ruth Beckett

I wish i could find your etsy shop, i have looked and looked..:(


There should be a link in the post, but if that doesnt work, the shop name is Oodles ... thanks for looking!

Jan 14, 2011 10:06:45 PM, reply-3TDJ5JZQV43M_4KZ3LY4TV7RE@typepad.com wrote:

A new comment from Ruth Beckett was received on the post The thrill of the itty-bitty of the blog Oodles and oodles. If you would like to post a reply to this comment you can do so at the following URL:



Mrs. Cozy Home

Those...are...AWESOME!!!! Fascinating...


What? No Holsteins?.......:)

Shelley Germann

The first ones to catch my eye? The lobsters. Go figure!

Brenda Kula

I agree with the first comment. A gold mine you've found here! How cute!


What a find! Absolutely adorable. These aren't going to last very long - I see you have lots of potential customers already!

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