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January 14, 2011


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I love itty bitty stuff - amazing~


Oh! I remember these from the local toy shop. They were very popular in birthday party goodie bags or as prizes for party games. I always particularly liked the mice.

One Gal's Trash

Oh, Barbara!
I gasped out loud which, come to think of it, I do a lot when I read your blog. I have seen these over the years, one at a time. (I think I have the lobster one hiding somewhere.) But en masse?...Oh Lord!
I am in bewildered awe that you could bring yourself to separate them and sell them.

Mitzi Curi

I recall seeing those at our Five and Dime when I was a kid....I just love stuff like that! I have a feeling the donkeys and the ants will be the last ones to sell....


I totally LOVE them!!! Pity you don;t send to Australia, or I'd get some. I love the owls (none left I know) and the lizards and the mice and frogs!

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