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January 17, 2011


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Very good motto!


Since I frequent the farm store often when I want inspiration I wander the aisles at the hardware store. Recently I was in a dilemma - both heaven and hell. A huge hardware store was going out of business and all the bits and bobs were up to 80% off. The bad part is that it is no longer there for me, as well I as could not justify buying all the wonderful things I wanted. The heaven side was that I got all sorts of fittings and metal tags and thing-a-ma-bobs for pennies! I went back a second day, making the near mistake of taking the hubby along. He has a bad habit of asking "what will you use that for." However this time he understood "if not now..."
I appreciate your take on the too-slick world. Makes you appreciate a handmade sign for a lemonade stand or even a yard sale.


B you are so funny - living here and in Canada I gave up long ago on stylish winter footwear and just live with my "big muckey boots" as I call them - always funny going into work dressed to the nines but big boats on my feet (heh, they may not be pretty but I don't come in with wet socks and damp toes like some). I must say though your boots look quite nice. And yes on the "slick" part - every time I open a flyer from Michaels or JoAnnes its like they've taken the fun out everything, don't you think. I prefer to stay the psuedo Luddite that I am (LOL)...

Shara @ monkeybox

I like the farm store too. We like to go see the baby chicks and ducks in the Spring. SO cute. I have several of those old chicken feeders that I scored out of a falling down Chicken House. Arkansas is the Poultry Capital of the World, you know.

laurie magpie ethel

I did some of my Christmas shopping this year at the Farm Store. They are my go to place for galvanized tubs for plants.

Glad you got out the sewing machine...nothing like a finished project!


You are so right! Of course, when I make something, I want it to look good but if it is too perfect, too slick, it is devoid of character. Part of the reason that I like the patina of vintage. I agree that your peg bag is definitely better and I sure you design improvements will be even better. I will need to check out the farm supply store. I already love old-fashioned hardware stores (not the Home Depot variety) and I am also keen to try the automotive store.

LiLi M.

Can you make them expand to Europe?

Just kidding. We have those shops over here too, they are called; 'de boerenbond' (the farmers' cooperation) and names like that, but you cannot find them, for obvious reasons, in the city.

Your blogpost is just what I am always thinking of the hobby industry. There is a tool (and very expensive ones too) for everything so that you have your little industry at home. You can slice, cut, rubb on etc., according to the rules of magazines. Creativity is something like using another ribbon or using another stamp. I don't like that either.
Your clothespin bag is definitely better.

Jayme L.

My Ariat boots are going on four years now and are still keeping my feet warm and dry. I have never found more comfortable and durable boots. They may look a little tired, but I've worn them mucking out stalls and tromping through the snow so they've been well used.

Cute bag - darling fabric!

Beth Leintz

I chuckled over your phrase "Luthern modesty". You must be a Garrison Keilor fan too.

I need boots - and there's a tractor supply store right down the street. Thanks for the fashion tip!


We call heh Tractor Supply Store "Cowboy K-Mart"
I always find something there that I can't live without! Loved you post...made me laugh!


My Mom got my boys a cute little birdhouse for Christmas from Tractor Supply. And I always get my Dad's gifts from there. He fixes John Deere tractors, but also collects John Deere stuff.

Might have to check out the boots. I am so done with winter here in CNY and it's not even half over yet.


Our household motto "The Tractor Supply Store always has it... Why do we always forget to look here first??"

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

It was a rather traumatic day for me when the local farm supply store closed! I too love the scent of grain and leather, and I'd always go sniff the fly repellent for horses, even though I no longer had a horse. Intoxicating! Now I have to drive 40 minutes to get that kind of fix! I think I'll check out their boots next time too. It's all Uggs or heels here too, with nothing sensible in between!


Ive always loved the smell of the farm store. I grew up with chickens, pigs, cows, a horse... you name it. We were there often. Now we have chickens so I still have a reason to go. But every time I walk by the horse aisle, I wish we had one.

Oh, and there was a vintage chicken feeder here when we moved in :)


One year, I bought a bunch of the chicken feeders and some mason jars, painted the feeders with cute scenes and filled the jars with candy corn. They were a huge hit for Christmas. Obviously, I had to buy new for that. :)

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