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January 09, 2011


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Kathy Uhrig

Sounds like a lovely, puttery day! I have never seen that cleaning product before so maybe they don't sell it in my area. Where do you buy it and is it just for countertops?


Hi, Kathy - I bought it at Wegmans (grocery store), in the natural foods section. There are all kinds of Mrs. Meyers products but its a little on the pricey side so I have to invest slowly....Barbara



Nice post. I love it. Waiting your new posts. Thank you...


Love your Farm chicks vignette! My daughter is in her 2nd semester of her sophomore year in college...I find I feel it more acutely every time she leaves...:(
I think cheering yourself up with gumdrops is a good thing!


Vel-ly interesting! What. is. a. gumdrop. store?

Maybe our girl scout troop could make the gumdrop animals. Gumdrops are gluten- and nut- free, two allergies that are in the troop.


Lazy Sundays are just wonderful. I like your cleaning corner, it's bright and cheery. I'm set to return my daughter to school tomorrow, she is a sophmore and I think I worry about her more now than ever.
Polka dots and geraniums are magnificent even on the snowiest of days.

acorn hollow

I love the spun head pine cone. and are you from Maine? I am a Maine girl living in New Hampshire or have we had this conversation before? mmmmmm

Brenda Kula

I love that kind of day. Well, I took a shower this morning and put on a fresh pair of jammies! Nough' said!


What a terrific post! Love your snowman, and especially that last photo of him.

That's my favorite kind of a day. We are expecting snow tonight, but then, it will warm up, and be gone by tommorow afternoon.


I love Meyers. I agree. I could wear it as perfume. It smells divine. Love the photos. Aren't gum drops beautiful.

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