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February 23, 2011


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Gina at Vintage Junk in My Trunk

Oooh, can't wait to see the after shots of that Hoosier. Oh, and the paint color too. Remodeling is so much better watching someone else do it!!

freckled hen

Okay, I guess painting will be okay. And I agree with the above commenter, it's really nice to sit here and look at pictures when you are the one doing all the work. Your to-do list must be huge, just sayin!


Happy Belated 3yr Etsy Anniversary!

Carol @ Old Glory Cottage

I'm really enjoying this whole process here. Because I hate wallpaper, and I don't ever want another bit of it in our house again! When we moved in, our kitchen had brown and white wallpaper, with "pumpkin chiffon" cupboards. It's a wonder I could see past all that, to fall in love with the house. Anyway, the wallpaper was put on with flour paste. Ever heard of that? I never did get it all off, and to this day the walls have a very unusual texture to them! I can't wait to see what color you choose, but I'm thinking a lovely jadeite green would be perfect!

Brenda Kula

What an adorable piece! I can't help you any. I'm a terrible painter. But I can do wallpaper... Kidding (but I can).


I always pick out a paint color with a name I like...my dining and living room are painted "coffee" and "rice pudding". I love a good painting project and can't wait to see your new room.


Those barns in your previous post are so pretty. I love barns, and old Hoosiers. LOL! Well, old Hoosiers, like my Uncle Noel was, and old Hoosier cabinets too! It'll be so interesting to see what all you do to this one, and to see your new decorating ideas too. You are so talented in this field, I think.

I have never had wallpaper in a room. I've always thought that I might like a bit of it, but then, I think that I might would tire of it. I can never decide. I've seen it use to great effect though, in others homes.


OMG Barbara. I just painted my kitchen cupboards today. See what happens when we have a week off. My red cabinets were ANNOYING me. Soft gray now...Ahhh. Can't wait to see your color!

Into Vintage

Yikes - when I saw the photos I thought maybe you were moving. Glad to learn it's only what I refer to as The Painting Sickness. I get it every couple of years and it's highly contagious. I feel some coming on now after reading this post.

black eyed susans kitchen

So I'm finally catching up and what do I see? You are doing the same thing that I am doing! When we started redoing the bathroom, it turned into the entire upstairs of our house and the word wallpaper was just mentioned by me yesterday. We are still choosing tiles and flooring and I was thinking of wallpaper in the bathroom...told it was an old fashioned idea...I guess I like old fashioned. So, the room that used to be my daughters is being stripped, shampooed (the carpet), and primed. Since I am a little behind you on the project, I can't wait to see what color you choose...not that I would copy ;)
♥, Susan


The name must refer to springtime cornstalks. They are a beautiful green.

Good luck! We are planning a big redo and I'm already having second thoughts due to all the packing and storing of pretties.

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